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IR35 Enquiry Defence

Qdos have a dedicated team of IR35 status experts that can not only help with contract reviews and IR35 queries, but are also able to represent you should you be subject to an IR35 investigation.

Having defended in excess of 1,500 HMRC investigations successfully, and saved contractors over £35m in tax, we know the investigation process, HMRC terminology and tactics well, and are able to confidently defend contractors against HMRC. Our tax advisors are ex-HMRC inspectors themselves and have been involved with the IR35 legislation since it began, following every amendment and relevant case.

Qdos Contractor - IR35 Enquiry Experience


Investigations can be time consuming and costly, as well as stressful, therefore it is worthwhile having an independent specialist to handle this on your behalf.

We are able to represent you whether you are insured or not. Uninsured clients often do not know where to turn, but we are happy to assess your situation and the case for you. We are also happy to take on a case after it has already started, to reach a settlement preferable to you. We have picked up HMRC cases that are already well into the investigation process and have saved clients a lot of money in doing so.

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