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What we do…

Qdos began in 1988 as a tax consultancy business and has grown significantly over the past two decades. Today the company has a number of branches forming the Qdos Group, each concentrating on a specific field, providing expert business services, products and advice.

Qdos Contractor specialises in insurance and advice for UK-based freelancers and contractors, and boasts extensive insight, expertise and knowledge of any contractor issues regarding tax and the IR35 legislation. We also work closely with Qdos Accounting to provide a complete solution for our clients.

Why we do it…

UK contractors who operate via limited companies are faced with many risks in their day-to-day operations. Because of this, Qdos have been working very closely with contractors for well over 15 years gaining eminence in the industry, particularly since the introduction of the prominent IR35 legislation in April 2000.

Over the years, Qdos has grown in both size and reputation as a trusted contractor insurance broker as well as an expert tax advisor. Our aim is to provide UK contractors with everything they need for a happy contracting lifestyle, all under one roof, by providing assistance and service with IR35 issues as well as sustaining excellent quality and competitive premiums in the contractor insurance market.

Why we’re great at it…

Our online shop is uniquely accessible and effortless when it comes to purchasing contractor insurance, providing accurate quotations* on every page. Our online application process takes only a matter of minutes with all documentation issued instantly. Unlike many other brokers, we don’t hide our premiums until you’ve provided your details, as we are confident that our premiums, service and product are the best in the market.

Since its origins, Qdos Contractor has handled well over 1,300 IR35 enquiries on behalf of UK contractors, with our ex-HMRC inspectors saving them over £35m in tax. All of our staff, from our tax advisors to our customer service teams, keep fully up to date with IR35 developments and are well versed in the subject.

*with the exception of contractors in the energy sector whose services would be classed as ‘manual’. Please contact a member of the sales team or enter your details to obtain an accurate quotation online.

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