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Contractor Legal Services

In the business of contracting, contractors can find themselves in the need of legal services, faced with a wide array of legal issues, for example:

Leaving a position of employment to start contracting – awareness of any restrictive covenants that may be in place.

Setting up a limited company – company formation and compliance with company law (e.g. the Companies Act 2006).

Entering into a contract with an end client and/or agency – need to ensure that the terms of the contract are fair, awareness of contractual obligations, and to ensure that the contract contains adequate protections for the contractor.

Renewal of contracts with end clients and agencies – need to be properly handled to ensure that the contractor’s position is protected.

Terminating a contract – need to ensure that the appropriate process is followed.

Getting paid on time – payment delays can put the contractor in a very difficult position.

Disputes with an end client or agency – dealing with an alleged breach of contract by the end client, agency, or by the contractor themselves.


These are just a few examples of situations where a contractor may require support in the form of access to legal advice or representation services.

Qdos Legal Services


Qdos Legal Services Ltd – part of the Qdos Group – is a law firm that provides a wide range of legal services to support contractors across the United Kingdom.  The firm’s specialist areas of expertise include: commercial contracts, contract disputes, debt, employment, property, and residential landlord and tenant.

With a team-based approach and focus on quality, Qdos Legal Services strives to provide the highest possible service levels and to exceed all clients’ expectations.

Qdos Legal Services for contractors can provide general legal advice and representation services for contractors in respect of the following:

Contract review

Contract drafting

Contract disputes

Debt recovery and fee disputes

Disputes with end clients or agencies

Restrictive covenants

Landlord legal disputes

Private legal disputes

Your contracts


Sound commercial contracts are vital to the success of your business and it is important that you receive technically sound commercial advice and practical solutions that work in real-life situations.

Whether you require a legal review of a contract put forward by your client or agency; advice in respect of your dealings with your end client or agency; or help with the terms and conditions for your website, the solicitors at Qdos Legal Services are able to help.

Qdos Legal Services takes time to understand your business and your goals, and works to meet your objectives by providing accessible, understandable, practical advice.

Here to help


If you find yourself in a situation where you are involved in a contractual dispute with an end client or agency; your client has failed to pay invoices for your services; or you need to defend a claim being made against you by a third party, Qdos Legal Services can help you.  

When faced with a litigated matter, the solicitors at Qdos Legal Services will take time to gain a full understanding of your requirements before providing advice on the best means of resolving a dispute - whether that be by way of mediation, Court proceedings, or alternative dispute resolution.  

Qdos Legal Services aim to:

Provide accessible, effective, practical advice

Work to settle disputes efficiently and cost-effectively

Achieve the best possible outcome for all clients

To find out more about Qdos’ legal services for contractors please visit – www.qdoslegal.com

Qdos Legal Services Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales under number 08255656 and with its registered office at: Windsor House, Troon Way Business Centre, Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston, Leicester, LE4 9HA.  Qdos Legal Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under SRA number 611754 and its professional rules can be accessed at: www.rules.sra.org.uk.

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