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Creative Freelancer

Creative Freelancer Insurance

What is a Media & Creative Freelancer?

A Media & Creative Freelancer is a professional who provides a variety of creative functions to a client on a contract basis, for example, Graphic Designers, Media Consultants, Copywriters and Project Managers to the media industry.

What insurance does a Media & Creative freelancer need?

Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is not just members of professional institutes who need professional indemnity insurance; your media and creative output deserves the same level of protection from your own contractor insurance policy.

Mistakes made when commissioning a rebrand, developing a social media platform or managing reputational risk can be just as expensive for clients as an accounting mistake or engineering design flaw. And just the cost of legal fees for a single claim could clean you out financially. This is without even factoring in the costs of compensation if you lose. 

So, if you deliver marketingmedia and creative services, professional indemnity insurance can provide you with indemnity up to your policy limit in the event that a client sues you. Contractor insurance can also protect against unintentional intellectual property infringement, which can be an ongoing risk if you are a creative contractor, such as a graphic designer or copywriter.

Often having the early assistance provided via your professional indemnity insurance can prevent a dispute with a client over a possible breach of contract, or an error that crept into a multi-million pound marketing campaign, from developing into full blown litigation. You may be able to negotiate the opportunity to fix a mistake, or could be completely exonerated.

Public & Employers Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance is an important policy for any trade, even though it may seem to have little need to a creative freelancer who doesn’t carry out any manual work. Our premiums reflect this low risk involved for creative contractors as we understand there are fewer opportunities to cause damage to third party property or injury/death to a third party.

Should you have any employees however, it may be compulsory to hold Employers Liability insurance which can only be purchased alongside a Public Liability policy.

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