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Office Based Energy Sector Contractor Insurance

What is an Office Based Energy Sector Contractor?

An Office Based Energy Sector Contractor is a professional who provides a variety of non-manual functions to a client in the energy sector on a contract basis, for example, energy sector Designers, NDT/Inspectors, Project Managers in the energy sector.

What Insurance Does An Office Based Energy Sector Contractor Need?

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a stipulation of most contracts, Professional Indemnity Insurance will protect you in the event of causing or allegedly causing a financial loss to a client. As a professional, you will carry out your services with care and expertise, however, should your client take the view that your services have not reached their level of expectations and have caused them a financial loss due to your negligence, the costs of such an allegation can be financially crippling. It is therefore important that you take out the relevant cover to protect your business. This policy will also cover the liabilities found owing in a claim up to the limit of indemnity specified. 

Public & Employers Liability Insurance

Nearly all energy sector contractors will be required to hold public and employers liability insurance as a stipulation of their contracts. The industry typically involves a lot of manual work and dangerous sites, however, if you are providing your services in an office environment and do not undertake any manual work (e.g. involving tools), your exposure to the type of claims covered under this policy are inevitably low in comparison to that of an offshore worker for example. Qdos offer policies at premiums which suit the level of risk involved for energy sector workers.

Please note that Employer's Liability Insurance can only be purchased in conjunction with Public Liability.

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