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Freelancers Outside IR35

Freelancers Outside IR35 (FO35) comprises:

  • a manual which shows how to demonstrate you are outside IR35;
  • practical help on how to record and maintain this information;
  • guidance on how you can confidently determine your own IR35 status including simple decision trees;
  • professional representation and support from Qdos in the event of a tax investigation by the Revenue or a VAT investigation by Customs and Excise, up to and including taking the case to Special or General Commissioners. This includes representation for IR35 and Section 660A claims as well as other tax and VAT issues and also covers any penalties which might be levied if any IR35 investigation finds against them.
  • sample letters from the H M Revenue & Customs; explanations of what they mean – and guidance on what to do if you get one.
  • examples of how to obtain a client confirmation of arrangements letter;
  • model approved direct contract with detailed notes on what each clause means; 
  • regular upgrades to the manual as circumstances change;
  • access to an area on and Qdos to download model contracts, both direct and agency, which are approved as outside IR35; (details of how to access this are sent with the manual); 
  • a dedicated Shout99 FO35 tax helpline operated by Qdos Consulting;
  • A Qdos' IR35 Contract Assessment valid during the term of your policy.

If you have any queries regarding this policy please do not hesitate to contact the Qdos freelance team.

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