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Off Payroll Working Rules IR35
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Compliance Management for ​IR35 in the Public Sector

In April 2017 the application of IR35 changed for when a contractor’s end client is in the public sector, shifting the responsibility for compliance to the public sector body and the recruitment agency respectively. In response to these changes we developed the Qdos Status Review, a pragmatic service which has enabled UK recruitment agencies to continue working with their thousands of contractors with as little disruption from the IR35 legislation as possible.

Since its inception, the system has evolved into an all-in-one online contractor compliance management portal, with the addition of a contractor insurance module, providing complete visibility for all stakeholders. The modular system is designed to provide agencies with as much or as little functionality as required.

Please note that due to the nature of the new rules, this system is available to recruitment agencies and end clients only, and is not directly available to contractors.

Manage IR35 for contractors in the public sector


The off-payroll rules apply to any UK contractor operating via a limited company in the public sector, and determines a worker’s tax status according to the way in which they deliver their services.

The Status Review portal invites contractors to undertake an assessment to determine their IR35 status and public sector end clients to submit their approval, whilst providing agencies with the tools to oversee and manage their contractors’ compliance, and insurance for the liabilities they now face.

  • A determination is made on 100% of assessments completed by Qdos, compared to only 85% of assessments made by HMRC’s tool providing a determination
  • The assessment’s 42 questions cover all the recognised IR35 status tests, based on case law and our 17 years’ experience in handling investigations.
  • Unlike HMRC’s tool, each question includes a field specifically for contractors to provide as much context or narrative as necessary.
  • Responses are assessed by a real person with real experience, not by a computer.
  • Results are confirmed by the end client, providing a complete audit trail and assurance that the off-payroll rules have been implemented appropriately.
  • All stakeholders are given complete visibility of each assessment and it’s progress.
  • Each ‘outside IR35’ determination is insured by a Tax Liability Cover policy.
  • The Status Review solution and portal is fully adaptable if the public sector rules are rolled out to the private sector in the future.




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Why Qdos?


Qdos Contractor are a leading authority on the IR35 legislation, having handled well over 1,500 IR35 enquiries on behalf of UK contractors since its introduction in 2000. Qdos have been at the forefront of the public sector changes, developing a compliance management process which has enabled over 30 agencies/end clients to minimise disruption, and thousands of contractors to receive an independent and fair assessment of their status. In addition, Qdos are one of the leading providers of specialist contractor services in the UK.


Our History


Qdos began in 1988 as a tax consultancy business and has grown significantly over the past two decades, providing expert business services, products and advice. Over the years, Qdos has grown in both size and reputation as a trusted contractor insurance broker as well as an expert tax advisor. Our aim is to provide UK contractors with the assistance and service with IR35 issues they need as well as sustaining excellent quality and competitive premiums in the contractor insurance market.

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