Dog Walkers get their Paws on PI Insurance

The importance of Professional Indemnity Insurance is again highlighted with dog walkers encouraged to purchase the policy in case of any misfortunes.

Anyone in a job that has any risk factor is encouraged to purchase PI insurance for obvious reasons. It’s helpful and protective benefits act as a safety net to any potential claim made against whoever has bought it, and in a high risk environment, is an essential package.

It turns out that the policy is proving very popular with dog walkers, cheap PI insurance being bought to prevent them from being crippled in the case of a claim being made against them. Dog walkers can get into serious trouble if under their watch, a dog is injured or anything unfortunate occurs, and can be held liable even if the misfortune was not their fault.

As a result of this pressure and responsibility, dog walkers are encouraged and are increasingly purchasing PI insurance to protect them from potential claims.

From the NHS to a babysitter, Professional Indemnity Insurance serves it purpose in the very same way, and even when it comes to dog walkers, it is a must have product.
By:Steven Bailey

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