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Does Rihanna Need PI Insurance?

Celebrities are prone to extremities in this world, often untouchable by the laws of us ‘lesser’ folk, but some say however that these superstars should be sued when failing to perform as promised. Would PI insurance really be necessary if Rihanna didn’t ‘strut her stuff’ to her usual standards?

Bloggers and tweeters are forever slating celebs for one thing or another, and recently the public have been complaining about the lack of standards in the magical world of entertainment. With hype and hysteria built up around any concert, film or TV show, it is not surprising that both the public and the companies involved often feel subsequently short changed.

This is where Professional Indemnity Insurance rears its head into the mix, as some ‘fans’ recently stated that Rihanna and her publicity team should be held potentially liable if her concerts underwhelm audiences after intense and over promising propaganda. The question of whether or not PI insurance would really act as a safety net because of this is debatable however, but it brings up the interesting concept of the boundaries of such a policy.

The Insurance protects someone against any claims against you as a consequence of your mistakes or negligence, but commonly on the grounds of the accuser having lost money over the actions of the accused. It is safe to say that the phrase ‘What a waste of money’ after watching a concert would not be efficient grounds to make a claim, but if for example Rihanna failed to meet requirements perhaps promised resulting in a loss of ticket sales or the like, perhaps PI insurance would work wonders.

The truth is that most people would give their right arm to watch Rihanna performing in concert, and with such a massive following the idea of a venue not being sold out by the Barbados born superstar seems unlikely. The thoughts of few however do bring to light the potential diversity of Professional Indemnity Insurance, but for now, I think it would be safer to leave it in the hands of contractors.PI Insurance

By:Seb Maley

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