Could HMRC Really Provide Contractors with IR35 Certainty?

In less than a years’ time, contractors may well be receiving certainty from the HMRC regarding their IR35 status.

What is IR35?

IR35 is talk of the town within the world of contractors at the moment, and for the very first time, contractors may well receive IR35 certainty. Following the recent HMRC business entity review, contractors are now holding their breath until what has been described as a ‘limited degree of certainty’ is given.

Despite the recent HMRC’s ‘updated’ guidelines regarding IR35 being both disappointing and as some thought, virtually unchanging, good news could well be on the way for contractors. Because of the complicated and unhelpful additions to the HMRC’s business tests, many felt disheartened and short changed after expected alterations.

As a result of businesses going through their own limited companies, the HMRC are refusing to halt their investigations and inquiries into ‘high risk’ cases, but as recent rumors and reports are showing, special teams have been set up in an attempt to provide contractors with permanent certainty when it comes to IR35.

Now this information leads us to believe that the decisions will be worked out within a year, so until then, contractors must be patient and are forced to abide to the existing system.

By:Steven Bailey

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