HMRC Vows for Faster Resolve via ADR

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are renowned for their slow responses regarding any queries from the public. Whether it be tax returns or IR35 resolution, the tax office has a habit of being both unresponsive and slow (unless of course you owe them money).

‘At last!’ You will cry however, as now, individuals, contractors and small enterprises that find themselves in possible dispute or have a query with the tax office will be able to contact a brand new service. This service, named Alternative Dispute Resolution is intended to resolve tax issues quicker, and in a fairly low cost, ‘hassle free’ way, whilst at the same time avoiding a dreaded tribunal.

Having so far shown that it can save both time and money (for HMRC and for taxpayers) this should be great news for all contractors, as the Revenue says its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service is now open to individuals and smaller enterprises wherever they are in the UK.

IR35 is one of the most common queries within the contracting world regarding the HMRC, and this new system could help tackle the problems that many face of long and drawn out cases in regards to an IR35 enquiry.

If you are at loggerheads with HMRC in an IR35 enquiry, you can use ADR to get a different inspector to give a hopefully objective view on your case.

Let us hope that now we shall never have to endure hour long phone calls and endless queuing to speak to the HMRC, then to be only told to hold as they re-direct you for another half of your life.

By:Steven Bailey

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