Accident and Sickness Insurance

Contractor Sickness Cover benefits the policy holder on a number of levels. The insurance delivers a onetime payment in the event of the insured person suffering accidental death, or monthly payments direct to the insured person if they are unable to work through any accident or sickness. The cover is essential to contractors and comes as a highly recommended policy.

Sickness Cover

Contractor Sickness Cover is a monthly policy. This means premiums would be paid monthly and you would remain insured as long as you continue to pay the premium and follow the policy terms and conditions.

As contractors do not receive employee benefits such as sick pay and annual leave, being out of work can obviously have a large impact on general finances. Having this policy in place covers the policy holder for the periods where they are unable to work, and helps moderate the financial impact that illness can incur. The policy can provide pay-outs of up to £3k a month, and provides a great financial aid when considering the bills and expenditures of day to day life.

The monthly premium delivered by the policy is reviewed yearly, at which time it may be increased, decreased or left at its original level. In this case the policy holder will be made fully aware of any changes, and will be given the opportunity to opt out or continue their policy.

*It is important to note that any claim arising from a pre-existing condition will not be covered by the Contractor Sickness policy.*

It is important that contractors and any business professional trusts their policies and insurance providers, and here at Qdos, we welcome any queries and questions regarding any policy and are happy to provide information when it comes to quotes and appraisals.

By:Steven Bailey

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