What NOT to do in Between Contracts

All contractors may one day find themselves in between contracts. It is a hazy, lazy limbo like period when one contract has finished and another has not yet begun. In this period, many contractors will no doubt already have a contract lined up, but others may not have anything in the pipeline. This is called being ‘On the Bench’.

Contractor Benefits

Contractors who work via limited companies commonly enjoy certain benefits when working within a contract that general employees do not. Advantages such as being able to take impromptu holidays to not having to pay as much income tax is something contractors enjoy, but contracts usually last around a year, and soon contractors may find themselves ‘On the Bench’.

Contractor Tips

There are certain things that self-employed professionals can do in between contracts that may benefit them in future. Further training in a contractor’s professional field for example is an advised activity for those in between work, as well as relationship building with future businesses.

Very recently, an example of what NOT to do whilst on the bench emerged in Montana, and it goes beyond frankly bizarre. Most forget contractor insurance, some will even laugh off all mention of IR35, but not everybody manages to get themselves ran over by trying to re-create the second coming of the Yeti…

A man dressed as Bigfoot was apparently trying to provoke reports of a sighting in north western Montana, and was struck by two cars. ‘He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting.’ The man was wearing a yeti suit and gallivanting around the Montana forests in what can only be imagined as a desperate way of passing precious time in between contracts. (Alcohol may have also been a factor.)

Contractors will all find themselves in between contracts from time to time, and all that can be recommended is that this time should be used productively. Obviously not everybody will be compelled to re-create urban myths, but many do harm their careers by being unproductive and lazy when searching for their next contract and it is advised that those in this position do not fall into the trap of many, who miss chances and future job opportunities.

By:Steven Bailey

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