Contractor Services for the Facebook Generation

The ‘Facebook generation’, although a loathsome term considering the connotations that come with it, does represent a change in society that has reflected over considerable aspects of life. As well as relationships, past times and activities, business is now ruled over by social media, its connectivity and simplicity being a key tool of both the marketing and sales of any product.

Contractor Insurance

Concerning contractors, whether they work in IT, or are Oil & Gas workers for example, insurance is hardly a product that screams ‘buy me’, if you pardon the expression. Because limited company professionals are busy, self-employed professionals, the rigmarole of lengthy insurance premium settlements and product purchasing would simply not fit into their schedule, and because of this, insurers and brokers have adhered to society’s whim, and have tapped into the ‘Facebook generation’.

Twitter plays a large part in the selling of contractor insurance, advertising of products and awareness aid sales and in turn ensures contractor protection.

Contract Reviews

Contract reviews are certainly a service that applies only for contractors, thus raising awareness within the wrong communities would be a useless process. Social media acts as a way in which useful updates and information can be channelled to the right people.


The IR35 legislation is something that is very important to contractors, and social media has proved to be very important when spreading the word or even ‘scare mongering’ as some are accused of. Even HMRC have jumped on the bandwagon, their Twitter account having over 31,000 followers.

By:Steven Bailey

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