Tax Avoiders to Receive Revenue Letters by Jan 31st

HMRC are starting the New Year with yet another proactive scheme to clamp down on tax evaders, inviting those involved with avoidance schemes to settle their taxes without fear of hearings or further action.

Highlighted by contractoruk, those who are connected with tax avoidance schemes, whether they be individuals, companies and partnerships, will this month be expecting letters from HM Revenue & Customs themselves, offering them the chance to resolve their tax issues without further legal involvement.

No later than January 31st is the promised deadline for these letters claims HMRC, their efforts against tax avoidance being unsurprisingly intense for the start of the year.

Under the proposed terms, those who receive these letters should be able to settle with the taxman without ‘recourse to litigation’, although HMRC state that they ‘reserve the right to rely on all arguments including those that may deny any relief completely in litigation.’

This latest move follows on from George Osborne’s announcement given before his Autumn Statement, revealing that new funding of£77m to tackle tax avoidance and evasion should be given to HMRC, in an attempt to increase efforts and of course, results.

With a tightening grip on schemes, a clear increase in IR35 activity and an eager new team at the helm of tax avoidance, HMRC are certainly gearing up for yet another busy year.

By:Sam Greenwell

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