Recruiting For The Fight Against IR35

The Curve Group, a national HR services company, revealed back in April that both clients and contractors express high levels of dissatisfaction with the service offered by their agencies with 78% of contractor respondents saying that their contractor recruitment agency did not take the time to understand their needs as a business.

The complexity of IR35 is not something recruitment agencies want to be dealing with, but unfortunately, it is something that will inevitably involve them and, being their livelihood, is extremely important to contractors.

As an agency, you have two sides of the coin to look after, the PSC and the client. A lot of contractors will turn to their agency for advice, particularly if they are just starting out. Having a specialist like Qdos on board will alleviate this responsibility to give you more time to do what you do best, whilst adding extra value to the agency product and service offering.


Qdos are on a campaign to raise awareness about the IR35 legislation, engaging recruitment agencies to become more involved with the matter, without any extra effort on their part.

Get your standard contracts approved for IR35 compliance and we will issue a ‘certificate’ which you can send to your contractors with the contract. This will alleviate lengthy and expensive contract reviews for the contractor, getting them on the books faster and easier. Contractors will also come to you as they know you are looking out for their best interests and understand their needs as a contractor. We will also provide IR35 guides and advice should your contractors have any queries.

Most contracts these days require contractors to hold specific business insurance such as Professional Indemnity and Employers and Public Liability. Qdos offer these insurance products at low costs with fast and easy applications, immediate cover and documentation sent within minutes. We can offer a co-branded version of our online shop which your contractors can use. All maintenance and administration would be dealt with in house by Qdos so no work would be required of the agency, or alternatively, you can simply refer your contractors to Qdos when insurance is required. There is no obligation to use either the shop or referral scheme, however, Qdos do offer a commission on any purchases and/or discounts to your contractors. This will give you peace of mind that your contractors have the appropriate insurance in place and the potential to earn extra income with no maintenance, administration or cost.

With all of this, agencies can raise their profile and reputation in the market and see increased candidates as they become known for quick, conscientious and compliant recruitment.

Be on the front-line in the fight against IR35 and give your contractors the help and support they need.

By:Sam Greenwell

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