Public Sector Hiring in Wake of ‘Over-Firing’

Hiring within the Public Sector underpins prospective rise in jobs contracts this year.

Recent information has confirmed that following a bout of publicised ‘over-firing’ within the public sector, a fresh hiring surge has occurred, casting a positive light over employment prospects.

These results have been gathered via a survey issued by employment group Manpower concerning the hiring intentions of over 2,100 modern firms. It has been shared that the current jobs outlook for temporary and full time staff is looking up, Mark Cahill, Manpower UK's managing director reinforcing this view, "We've noticed that a number of public sector organisations have begun recruiting again with renewed vigour.”

To most this news will no doubt come as a refreshing change to numerous employment announcements over the past few years, but it may also sound familiar to many self-employed professionals (freelancer/contractors). Following a clear rise in temporary contracts within sectors such as Engineering & IT this year, and now with Public Sector jobs on the rise, a well awaited upward trend seems to be taking place for limited and personal service company workers.

Manpower stated that the NHS is one of many companies seeking public sector staff, as well as local authorities, central Government and finance firms. An estimated 20 thousand individuals have been taken on by banks so far according to Manpower’s Mark Cahill, himself adding that, "With around 600,000 new jobs created in the last year alone, you'd think the UK employment phenomenon must surely be coming to the end of the road. But the good news looks set to continue until at least the summer."

The study suggested that the jobs market shows no sign of slowing down, and with 2013 well under-way, only time will tell as to the future of a traditionally unstable employment market.

By:Sam Greenwell

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