Fourth IR35 Team Announced by HMRC

HMRC reveal new northern office, marking the fourth specialist IR35 team.

As the smoke cleared in the aftermath of the recent IR35 forum, the published minutes revealed that IR35 crackdown will be once again strengthened and the number of specialists increased. With a new office set to be opened in Bradford, that marks the fourth team created to tackle contractor tax avoidance, and reinforce the dreaded IR35 legislation.

As is to be expected, this news has fallen heavy on most contractors; IR35 has been a thorn in their side since the early 2000s. After a prolonged lull, the number of IR35 enquiries have risen dramatically, with HMRC being pro-active in their quest to stamp out perceived tax avoidance.

The issue of not paying sufficient tax is something that is more prevalent than ever at present, with recent 'scandals' thrusting avoidance into the public eye. As a result of this, and an influx of limited company contractors across a range of sectors, IR35 is being backed and enforced on a new level by HMRC, with the recent forum confirming their intent for increased IR35 activity.

By:Troy Stevens

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