Contractor Insurance, does it compute?

With the World Wide Web being the marketplace of today, tomorrow and yesterday, there is an abundance of the world’s produce on offer. Like an endless car-boot based computer game, with online shops and internet garage sales a plenty, buying anything from toothpicks to the teeth themselves is now a relatively easy feat. Now I put it to you, in an interactive world of abbreviations, hashtags and RAM, is there room on the internet for insurance? The answer is, yes there is. And lots of it.

In times past, an insurance company or professional broker would be in the form of a dinner suit-clad middle aged gentleman, surrounded by paper and tobacco, perhaps bearing a monocle. Obviously those days are well behind us, and as we all know from watching The Matrix, technology rules the world, thus your standard insurance provider is most likely a shadowy figure huddled behind a dimly lit computer screen. Ah progress!

My point here is that because our standard insurance provider is no longer a classic example of the British gentry, and is in fact a man, woman or beast sitting behind a computer, the process of browsing, calculating, and purchasing insurance can now be done within seconds, literally. Progress indeed considering the leaps and bounds that have occurred concerning small, specific niches of insurance, such as in our case, insurance for contractors.

Contractor insurance is hardly the largest arm of the insurance body. Virtually unknown to most professionals outside of the self-employed game and irrelevant to all folks who collect a monthly pay check from their beloved employer. Despite this however, contractor insurance is a very important commodity to anyone operating through an intermediary. Contractors, freelancers and interims alike all benefit from the protection and assurance that this small business insurance offers, from mandatory PI Insurance to tax protection & IR35 cover.

In our world of iPads, Xbox and microscopic tendencies, the once laborious process of buying insurance is in fact now part of the computer system, our online shop being an example of the changes that have occurred since the days before Google and Pong.

By:Troy Stevens

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