Common IR35 Errors Guide - Part 5

  • “I’m defined as a manager on my project, so this means I’m integrated into the client’s staff.”

Concerning the question of whether being a manager is bad from an IR35 perspective, the answer isn’t always yes. There is a considerable difference between being classed as a ‘project manager’ and a ‘line manager’, for example if you are simply leading a project and ‘project managing’ internal and external resources, that should be fully acceptable in the eyes of HMRC.

Many working contractors are actually project managers, however any kind of internal management responsibilities such as an appraisal, disciplinary etc, would result in problems from an IR35 perspective.


IR35 is an ongoing headache for contractors, but through publishing our 'Top 5' common IR35 Errors, we hope that you can learn from the mistakes of others, and avoid the worst when it comes to IR35.

By:Troy Stevens

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