Qdos’ Office Protect Insurance

Qdos’ office protect insurance is a combined liability policy covering a spectrum of risks applicable to small businesses, and is ideal for a majority of businesses that operates from their own premises.

For just £300 in total, the Office Protect Insurance offers: office contents cover; legal liability cover; computer cover; business interruption cover; and legal expenses insurance (a summary of the levels of cover can be found below). In addition, easy access to in-house legal and tax telephone advice is included.

Firstly, the Office Contents Cover comprises the compensation for the loss or damage of property. Internal and external signs, nameplates and glass are also covered, as are the tenancy liabilities concerning the damage costs of which the insured is responsible of financing, and locksmith fees.

The Legal Liability Cover is a combination of Public and Employer’s liability insurances. This covers your legal liability for injuries or fatalities sustained by employees and third parties, and damage to third party property. A £10,000,000 limit of indemnity will comply with your statutory obligations.

The Computer Cover includes the loss, damage, or destruction of computer equipment in the office premises, and ensures the insured is indemnified for the repair or replacement costs, as well as the increased working costs as a consequence of the absence of aforementioned equipment.   

Business Interruption Cover is also included, which encompasses the compensation of any disturbances of normal business activities as a result of: the loss or damage of contents and/or property; or forced closure due to vermin/pest problems, inadequate and deficient drainage/sanitation systems, or the loss of essential public utilities (such as gas/water/etc).

And finally incorporated in the Office Protect Insurance is the legal expenses insurance, which provides cover for a fees associated with a number of legal disputes which may affect your business.

The policy expires one calendar year after issued, and may be cancelled free of charge within either an initial 14 day period, or with 14 days of notice.

The prices of the differentiating covers are illustrated in this table:



Level Of Cover

Office contents



Computer equipment



Portable equipment



Loss of revenue



Additional expenditure



Employers' Liability



Public Liability



Commercial Legal Expenses



By:Amy Hinchliffe

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