IR35 Status – How can Qdos Help?

In yesterday’s Autumn Statement delivered by Chancellor George Osborne, it was declared that the government would ‘strengthen efforts’ to tackle intermediaries disguising employment statuses and avoiding national insurance and employment tax payments.

As detailed in the full Autumn Statement document, “The government will legislate to prevent employment intermediaries from being able to use contrived contracts to disguise the employment of workers.”

Matthew Brown, Managing Director of giant group adhered with the proposals, stating, “We have long supported initiatives which help to eradicate any potential loopholes – legal or otherwise – and encourage fairer working opportunities.

“We look forward to hearing more on the government’s crackdown on offshore employment and tax evasion.”

Considering the planned crackdowns of a more severe nature, any contractor should ensure now more than ever that their practices are legitimate.

It’s all well and good assuring yourself you are operating outside of IR35, or not concerning yourself with the matter because of a naïve “they won’t catch me” approach, but will HMRC see it that way?

Recent reports have revealed that enquires have quadrupled, so is it wise to continue operating if you have even a little segment of doubt concerning your status?

Qdos contractor specialise in helping contractors determine and improve their IR35 status. Some ex revenue inspectors reside within our team, and all consultants regularly receive up to date training by the treasury to assure the best possible advice is provided.

Our contract assessment will deem your contract a pass or fail, highlighting clauses that aid or hinder your result.

A full contract review will detail, clause by clause, every point made within your contract so you have a much more comprehensive knowledge.

Seeking either of these products will prove to HMRC, if you were to be faced with an investigation, that you have been proactive where the legislation is concerned.

If you have any doubt clouding your contract or working practices, contact us today on 0116 2690999 to see how we could help you.

By:Amy Hinchliffe

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