Freelancer and Contractor Services Association Amendments

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) have recently made amendments to its code of conduct.

As an effect of these new regulations, professional providers in the self-employed and CIS confines will now be integrated within the regulations.

Previously, only those providing accountancy and employment services to the freelance and contractor community were concerned with the code, but as a consequence of the new update, there is an addition to the congregation.

Announced on Monday, the code requires transparently sharing the results of any onsite reviews with HMRC. 

This segment of the code instructs providers in the freelance and contracting circles to operate to, and adhere with, the highest standards of compliance.

The new code duplicates and reflects the high degree of precision of the employment and accountancy codes, now incorporating the new concerns of contracting and freelancing to make one coherent operating standard.

The code will be influenced by any relevant changes as the FCSA is working closely with stakeholders, which includes HMRC, especially concerning the onshore intermediaries consultation.

Managing Director of Giant group, Matthew Brown, believes the change will bring a positive effect, and believes it is encouraging to see the code updated.

He said,”we believe recruitment agencies and contractors alike will benefit from these amendments.

“With the Government’s ongoing commitment to tackling ‘employment’ disguised as self-employment, the FCSA’s timely announcement will reassure agencies and contractors that their providers are fully compliant.”

He concluded that the group expected the code of conduct to be further updated succeeding the onshore employment consultation, taking place in February 2014.

By:Sam Greenwell

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