CIMA Accountants - The Social Network?

In a society where Twitter is such an advantageous platform, it comes as a surprise to find that a minority of accountants utilise the networking site to enhance their business.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants has recently discovered that very few accountants made any use of social networking regularly, but those that did reported their effectiveness and engagement had improved.

Succeeding this revelation, the CIMA has urged contractor accountants to embrace Twitter’s web 2.0 solutions to complement their services and boost their reputations.

The institute asserted that accountants must transfer their services to online platforms, and especially make use of media tools to streamline their business processes if they are to continue improving and ‘keeping up’ with society’s needs.

Web 2.0 technologies are proven to aid coordination and organisation, permit greater accessibility to knowledge, and create robust team relationships. So why do accountants find it difficult to quantify these benefits?

Naomi Smith, CIMA’s R&D Manager, highlighted the fact that younger accountants were utilising modern technologies to a much greater extent than their older peers.

From this, Smith emphasised the importance of all accountants, irrespective of their age or any other factor, taking full advantage of the opportunities social networking presents.

If for nothing else, social networking sites such as Twitter accentuate a perfect chance for colleagues, peers and acquaintances to interact and communicate with each other more, even those far away.

Twitter is renowned for interactivity. Retweets, replies, and further interactions fuel the success of the platform. As a result, brand awareness can be invaluably increased simply by setting up an account and putting a little effort in weekly.

Social networking sites are also emerging as one of the best contenders for business referrals. Through tools such as google analytics, it is evident that sites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are all beginning to rank amongst the main ways a specific business is found, or at least heard about.

Considering these aforementioned platforms can be extremely valuable assets to any business, it poses a wonder as to why accountants are not yet completely convinced.

As the haze and gloom of a recession is finally starting to diminish, contractor accountants are likely to want to expand their client base. And social media is an excellent, relevant and modern way to do so.

By:Sam Greenwell

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