Qdos Contractor Provides More Than Just IR35 & Insurance Services

Since its establishment in 1988, Qdos has been moulded by the vast amount of changes over the past two decades.

Not only does the team accommodate consultancy experts, but also ex-revenue inspectors. It’s partially because of this that Qdos Contractor are renowned for providing unparalleled IR35 advice,  robust defence in the event of enquiries, and comprehensive insurance policies from Professional Indemnity to Travel Insurance.

As a result, our consultancy team are reputably experienced and conversant, but not just regarding the primary issues that concern freelance contractors.

Despite employment status issues often monopolising the concerns of contractors, there is a much more expansive range of tax issues to be considered that Qdos are equally as well versed in advising and solving.

These include personal, business, corporation and capital gains tax, PAYE, CIS, NICS, and MSC.

Qdos recognise the panic induced by the instigation of an enquiry by HM Revenue & Customs for contractors. However, this situation is often worse for a contractor who does not hold insurance and receives an official-looking brown envelope on their doorstep, as it’s widely believed that if insurance is not in place, they’re on their own.

Qdos can confirm that this is not the case. For if a contractor is notified of an enquiry and does not currently hold insurance with us, we are more than happy and willing to help defend the enquiry on their behalf for a competitive price. The contractor at the outset of the enquiry will be seamlessly guided through the entire process by one of our experienced consultants who have so far helped to defend over 1,300 HMRC investigations.

In addition, in order for the team to be able to advise an individual on the prospect of their success before they engage the relevant services, a consultant will review your existing enquiry for no charge (up to one hours’ work).

Consultancy rates are charged at £120 + VAT, but for current policy holders who do not hold tax enquiry insurance this is reduced to £90 + VAT per hour.



By:Sam Greenwell

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