‘The Agency Arms’ at the Recruitment Agency Expo

On Tuesday 25th - Wednesday 26th of February, we at Qdos showcased our wares and presented our services to the hundreds of visitors who attended the Recruitment Agency Expo at the London Olympia.

The Recruitment Agency Expo is the leading exhibition and conference for senior decision makers working with recruitment agencies, where some of the biggest and best suppliers and service providers were able to meet their market and make their mark.

There were numerous stands and stalls that had gone to great lengths when it came to originality and presentation, some serving ice creams and popcorn, and others featuring car racing and tyre changing, but it was ‘The Agency Arms’ that got the most attention (and approval) from its many visitors.

Pulling out all the stops (and corks!) our stand was decked out like a country pub, complete with the atmosphere, bar stools, crisps, nuts, and most importantly, beer and wine!

Recapping the event, our weary staff had only positive things to say about Qdos’ step into the landlord game:

“The reception to our ‘Agency Arms’ was great, many people had to double take, but once they realised that we were a fully functioning country pub they were eager to come and hear what we had to say! It was a long two days but being behind the bar of the ‘Agency Arms’ certainly made the time go that bit faster.”

Visitors were also keen to get their thoughts across, Craig tweeting: “Lots of kudos for Qdos, they've built the Agency arms” @craig0273

As much as the day was enjoyable for all attending, we at Qdos were featuring our unique proposition to recruitment agencies, proving that we are, on an agency wavelength. Our agency services are an increasingly popular arm of our business, our opportunity promising a commitment to raising the profiles and adding value to the services of UK recruiters. Armed with this opportunity, Qdos attracted a lot of positive attention and interest (not just because of the free booze!) and had a great reception from fellow service providers and recruitment agencies themselves.

By:Sam Greenwell

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