IR35 and Legal Review Combined

Many of our clients have requested a legal review of their contracts in addition to the advice provided on IR35. We are now able to provide a legal review and risk analysis of your contract via our authorised legal practice, Qdos Legal Services Limited.

Our solicitors will review your contract and will comment, in plain English, on each clause that we consider important. We will also identify those clauses which represent a risk to you with an explanation as to why.

Clauses that are likely to expose you to risk include the following:
  • Your status and that of any substitute or third party
  • Conduct regulations
  • Your obligations, warranties and indemnities and the risks if you do not comply;
  • The Services which you agree to supply and the consequences of any change to your status or that of any substitute;
  • Payment and how to ensure you are paid on time;
  • Confidentiality and your obligations 
  • Intellectual Property Rights – your rights and obligations and those of third parties
  • Competition 
  • Restrictive covenants now and in the future; 
  • Termination and consequences;
  • Data Protection;
  • IT - your obligations and risks 
  • Rights of third parties
  • Health and safety;
  • Discrimination 
  • Anti-corruption

The Legal review is presented in one document together with your IR35 contract review and is available for an additional cost of £200 + VAT.

IR35 Contract Review

Only £99.00

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By:Steven Bailey

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