Our Most Comprehensive IR35/Status Review Package

HMRC have four specialist teams of twelve inspectors in place, solely tasked with carrying out status enquiries. This means that they have the potential to undertake 1,200 enquiries per year.

HMRCs opening enquiry letters will ask the contractor if they have considered IR35 and if so, why they feel that IR35 doesn’t apply. Our IR35 Defence Pack will enable you to present such information to HMRC as evidence of your status to give you the best chance of a successful defence during an enquiry. Please see example HMRC opening enquiry letter.


The IR35 Defence Pack includes:

  • A comprehensive review of up to 3 of your written contracts, with suggested amendments if necessary. You can add more contracts for a special price of £30 + VAT.
  • Detailed review of your working practices. HMRC will look to establish whether or not the working practices mirror the written terms of the contract.
  • Review of HMRCs Business Entity Test (BET). We will suggest how to increase score if necessary.
  • If the contracts and working practices are considered outside of IR35, either initially or after amendments, we will compile a certificate providing confirmation of your ‘outside of IR35’ status.
  • Confirmation of Arrangements (COA) letter based on your working practices. It is worth noting that the COA can be used as evidence in the event of an HMRC enquiry. This is a very useful and important document.
  • Qdos will liaise with the agency/end user on your behalf if required.
  • Discount code to use on IR35/Tax insurance policies.
If you have already received an enquiry letter from HMRC and you do not hold a Tax insurance policy with us, our consultancy team can still help with your enquiry. Please click here for more information.
By:Sam Greenwell

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