IR35 and Confirmation of Arrangements

One of the best ways to help improve your IR35 status is to ……………

Ask the client to sign a confirmation of arrangements document.

The confirmation of arrangements (COA) document outlines the working relationship between yourself and the end client with the signature from both parties as confirmation of such arrangements.

For each assignment you undertake, having confirmation of arrangements outlining the working relationship between yourself and the end client, with the client’s signature testifying to your working practices can significantly improve the prospects of successfully defending an IR35 enquiry and has proved to be very successful in previous enquiries we have dealt with.

The COA will establish (provided that your working practices are strong) that key pointers to self-employment are evident, such as a genuine right of substitution/lack of personal service, control over the provision of the services etc.

You can customise this document and we would recommend that you do so, by putting your own company logo on the document. You can also make any amendments you wish to accurately describe your working relationship with the end client and we will check over the COA for you, to check that it supports your status before you ask the end client for their signature.

The cost of reviewing your COA is £30 plus VAT or free of charge to holders of Tax Liability Cover.

Please click here to for our COA template.

By:Sam Greenwell

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