IR35 Review Service for only £99

Full IR35 ReviewOur Full IR35 Review is a fully comprehensive service which is ideal for people new to contracting as well as experienced contractors.

This service not only provides a detailed report and summary of the contract, but also reviews your working practices, which are arguably more important than the written terms and conditions (though they are still important. Included in the service are:

  • Full detailed report of the contract
  • Full working practices review 
  • Summary
  • IR35 Guide
  • Liaison with agency/end client if required

What is included in the Contract Review?

Having an IR35 Contract Review undertaken by one of our independent tax experts at Qdos is an excellent means of demonstrating that the relevant advice has been sought. The full detailed report comments on each relevant clause in the contract with an explanation as to why the clause is positive or negative in terms of IR35, with an overall PASS or FAIL result provided in the summary.

Should the contract be considered a fail in our opinion, we will suggest the changes that need to be made in order for the contract to be considered a pass. Even if the contract is initially a pass, we will clearly highlight what you can do to make your contract more IR35 friendly, to hopefully make your contract as robust as possible.

What is included in the Working Practices Review?

Having an IR35 compliant written contract is a good start, but for the contract to have any significant bearing your actual working practices must reflect the contract terms. A review of your working practices in line with the contractual terms is highly recommended as your working practices will usually be more important than the written terms themselves in an enquiry.

You will be asked to complete a series of questions regarding your business practices and working relationship with the end client. We will then comment on each answer outlining why it is positive or negative in terms of IR35. In the summary we will also give you an overall PASS or FAIL result for your working practices and again, we will inform you of the sections that need to be addressed should it fail.

Not only is this an informative review, you also get an IR35 guide that you can keep and use for future reference. 

By:Jane Hailstone

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