Public Sector Organisation - IR35 Seminar

We were contacted by a major Public Sector organisation a few weeks ago because they were looking for some detailed IR35 training. IR35 has been a major talking point recently, especially in the Public Sector due to the off payroll rules introduced in 2012. We jumped at the chance to arrange an IR35 seminar with the opportunity for them to ask questions as we went along.

The Public Sector body had an audit from HMRC which invoked the interest in the first place. They asked HMRC if IR35 training could be provided to them, similar to what we could provide, however HMRC declined and it seems, offered very little support after that. In all fairness HMRC probably haven’t got the resources to be able to provide such a service and obviously it is not in their interest to provide support to clients and contractors with IR35 issues!

After a rocky start which included a major delay on the motorway, we finally arrived at the client site. We were all bustled into the seminar room and got started straight away. The client was very interested in the most important factors in determining Employment Status; Right of Substitution, Control and Mutuality of Obligation. The questions were flowing on these subjects and they tried to apply these to their own circumstances, so we tried to help out where we could. There was some confusion about the 24 month rule whereby they moved contractors to different sites after two years, but of course this is unnecessary.

The seminar turned out to be a useful exercise on both parts because we got an understanding of the issues the Public Sector body faced and they felt as though they had a greater understanding of IR35. It is certainly something we hope to do again.

If your end client/Public Sector body would be interested in holding an IR35 seminar at your workplace, please encourage them to contact us on 01162 690 992.

By:Sam Greenwell

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