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HiredByMe Document Hub

Qdos Contractor has partnered with HiredByMe Document Hub, the UK’s only dedicated contractor file hosting service, where you can store everything you need to make getting set-up with your agent/client quick and easy.  Unlike other online document stores, Document Hub actually knows what each of your documents are by retaining key information about each document, such as who’s provided it, what kind of document it is, and levels of cover.

Document Hub makes it easy and secure to share your documents with recruiters and others when you’re onboarding to new roles, making your life simpler and easier.  Your policy documents are sent automatically to your HiredByMe Document Hub account with all the key metadata completed.


What is HiredByMe Document Hub?

It is an online file hosting system where you can keep all of your vital contractor documents in one secure and easily accessible place, and grant access to your agency/client when needed.

How safe are my documents?

Your documents are stored securely in the cloud, in the UK. Only you, and people you authorise, can see your documentation.

What information is sent to HiredByMe Document Hub?

We send your certificates and the metadata about them to the Document Hub, along with some key information to identify you such as your name and email address.

How do HiredByMe Document Hub use my information?

Document Hub uses your information to allow you to store your certificates securely in the cloud. Document Hub will allow other people, such as compliance personnel in recruiters you are working with, to see that you have an account, and the type of information you have stored, so that they can request this from you – but none of your documentation can be accessed by them without your explicit consent.

Document Hub will not use the information provided by QDOS to send you marketing, and no information is ever passed to third parties for marketing or any other reason (obviously, other than documentation that you release to a third party)

What if I don’t want to use HiredByMe Document Hub?

Document Hub is an optional service. If you opt-out, no documents are sent to Document Hub.

You can change your mind at any time, simply log in to your Qdos account and adjust your profile settings, or contact Customer Service. You can delete your Document Hub account at any time.

You sent my documents to HiredByMe Document Hub but I don’t want an account, what happens?

Your documents are sent to HiredByMe Document Hub and sit in a secure ‘black box’ until you link your account, at which point they are released and sent to your  Document Hub account.

Your documents are stored in the ‘black box’ for 30 days. If you do not activate your account, or decide to opt-out within this time, your documents will be automatically deleted.

Can I still access my documents on my Qdos online account?

Yes, your policy documents will continue to be emailed to you and will still be available to access via your account on the Qdos website. HiredByMe Document Hub is an additional service and does not affect your ability to access your documents.

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