Contractor Sickness Cover

Being unable to work due to injury or illness shouldn’t leave you high and dry.

What is Contractor Sickness Cover?

Contractor Sickness Cover is an accident and sickness insurance for limited company contractors. It means that you aren’t left out of pocket if you suffer a disease, sickness, or bodily injury which prevents you from working.

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*Based on a £1,000 monthly benefit

Protect your income when you need it most

Becoming ill or injured and unable to work is stressful enough without considering how time off will impact your income. Taking a step back from your business to get yourself fighting fit really shouldn’t be that difficult.

Contractor Sickness Cover makes it simple. You take the time needed to recover, and Contractor Sickness Cover ensures you remain financially comfortable without the stress of wondering how you’re going to pay your bills.

If you were to suffer disease, sickness, bodily injury, whether this is as a direct result of your work or not, Contractor Sickness Cover will provide a monthly benefit at an amount of your choosing, plus a fixed benefit of £25,000 in the event of accidental death.

We’ve been looking after contractors for over 30 years and know that work can sometimes fluctuate. Whilst most sickness insurance policies won’t pay out without proof of an ongoing contract of work, ours doesn’t work like that. If you’re unable to work, that means you’re probably unable to seek a new contract. As such, our Contractor Sickness Cover doesn’t require you to show proof of a contract in order to receive a benefit. As long as you’re signed off by a doctor, your monthly benefits will continue (up to a maximum of 12 months).

What does Contractor Sickness Insurance cover?

Accidental Death
We’ll provide a £25,000 lump sum should the worst happen
12 Months of Income Protection
Monthly benefits are provided up to 12 months, following a 30 day excess period
Illness, Disease, and Bodily Injury
Get up to £5,000 for every 30 consecutive days you’re unable to work

Frequently Asked Questions

Sick pay insurance is a type of income protection insurance policy that provides you with a financial benefit should you be unable to work for medical reasons. Sick pay insurance policies vary from provider to provider, offering different limits and payment schedules.

Contractor Sickness Cover is an income protection insurance for limited company contractors. It provides a monthly benefit in the event that you find yourself unable to work due to illness, bodily injury or disease, and a lump sum in the event of accidental death. This means you can take the time you need to recover without having to worry about bills mounting up.

Whilst we aim to have your back in as many scenarios as possible, not every circumstance is eligible for cover.

The following wouldn’t be covered under your Contractor Sickness Cover policy:

  • any pre-existing sickness, condition or injury (whether diagnosed or not) that you’re aware of at the start date of your policy
  • any sickness, condition or injury causing you to see or arrange to see a doctor/consultant during the 12 months prior to the start date of your policy

Yes! Not only can the self-employed get sickness insurance, but because you wouldn’t be paid statutory sick pay by your client, this type of insurance may be particularly important.

Contractor Sickness Cover is designed specifically for limited company contractors to protect your income if you become unable to provide your services due to medical disablement. If you’re not a limited company contractor/partnership, why not consider our Personal Accident Cover as an alternative. Compare policies here.

If the income you receive from your limited company makes up an essential part of your household income, our Contractor Sickness Cover might be for you. Because Contractor Sickness Cover applies to injuries and illnesses sustained even if nothing to do with your services, this policy really is suitable for anyone, not just those working in industries with a higher physical risk.

Sickness insurance is worth considering if you don’t get employment benefits, or such benefits wouldn’t be enough to pay your bills. This is where Contractor Sickness Cover comes in to help.

If you suffered a long-term illness or injury which prevented you from providing your services, would you be able to cover your monthly expenses? With our Contractor Sickness Cover, you choose how much your policy pays out each month based on what you would need.

Please note: the below policy documentation shall apply to all policies starting on or after 18th July.

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