Recruitment Liability Insurance

Let's protect your business against third-party liability claims. Public, Employers, and Drivers Negligence all in one straightforward policy.

What is Recruitment Liability Insurance?

Public Liability (PL) insurance for recruitment agents will cover you in the event of a claim brought against your business for personal injury, or physical damage to third party property. The policy will cover both the defence of such claims, as well as any damages for which you are found liable.

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Recruitment Liability Cover

Whether meeting clients or vetting candidates, recruiters are at inherent risk of third-party claims for personal injury or damage to third-party property. Public Liability Insurance covers your business if something happens to a third party whether at your office or when out and about. We'll cover you for the legal costs of defending the claim as well as any damages found owing as a result.

You can also add Employers' Liability insurance to your liability cover for claims from your in-house staff. Should your staff bring a claim against you for personal injury as a result of their employment with you, we'll cover the defence costs and compensation owed.


Policies available online are designed for recruitment agencies who don't accept responsibility for the actions of placed workers. However, if you accept vicarious liability, engage workers under contracts of employment (umbrella companies) and/or have workers operating under your own supervision, direction, or control (rather than of the end client), we're able to arrange cover on a bespoke basis. Contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements.


For agencies who place HGV drivers, it's a common term of the supply contract that the agency remains liable for certain damage caused by the negligent act of the drivers. Our Driver's Negligence policy protects your agency against this risk and is available for up to 50 drivers working at any one time via our online application. Get in touch if you need cover for more drivers.

What does Recruitment Liability Insurance cover?

Bodily Injury
Covers claims of third party bodily injury sustained as a result of your services
Property Damage
Covers claims of damage to third party property as a result of your services
Legal Costs and Compensation
Up to £10million for the legal costs and compensation found owing
Optional: Drivers Negligence
Cover for your liability for damage to HGVs and other vehicles driven by your contract staff
Optional: Employers Liability
Cover for claims made against you for personal injury to those employed by your firm
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Employers' Liability Insurance for Recruitment Firms

Employers' Liability Insurance is a legal requirement for any limited company employing one or more staff – this includes firms employing only their director unless that director owns a minimum of 50% share capital.

Typically, the compulsory nature of Employer's Liability insurance means that most firms will require a policy to cover at least their own in-house staff. In the recruitment sector, however, the ambiguity of employment status may also dictate that Employer's Liability also covers workers supplied by the firm.

Where there is a contract of employment between the worker and the intermediary, as in a typical umbrella operation, an Employers' Liability policy will remain a legal requirement.

Whilst a potential claim may be mitigated or ultimately covered by the end client, the requirement for the umbrella firm to carry Employers Liability insurance would remain, even where the worker is under the supervision, direction, and control of a third party.

Vicarious Liability

Put simply, vicarious liability describes circumstances where one party takes responsibility for the actions of another.


One of the most common examples is an employer’s liability for the actions of their employees. This is particularly relevant for the recruitment sector where the ultimate employer may not be clear-cut.


In many cases, contracts between the parties in the supply chain will aim to clarify the matter of vicarious liability. This means that even where there is no employer/employee relationship created by the nature of the engagement, a recruitment company may still be vicariously liable for the actions of the workers they have placed.


For obvious reasons, where a recruitment agent is vicariously liable for the actions of the workers, there is a greater exposure to claims under Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. Therefore, it's crucial to take the time to understand the nature of the cover you require, and the adequacy of the insurance you have in place.


Whilst our online product is designed for firms who don't have any exposure to vicarious liability, if you need more comprehensive cover, get in touch with our expert team for a tailored quote.

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Tailored cover 

We can arrange bespoke cover directly for:


  • Umbrella companies
  • Firms providing self-employed CIS workers
  • Recruitment agencies with turnover in excess of £2.5 million
  • Any recruitment companies that accept vicarious liability for the actions of the workers they place
  • Recruitment businesses that offer additional services to their clients

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As a subsidiary of Tokio Marine HCC, our unique positioning in the market enables us to provide businesses with a personal and tailored service but with the backing of a global insurer.

With Qdos you benefit from:
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We’re part of leading specialty insurance group, Tokio Marine HCC
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