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IR35 legislation resources

We understand that IR35 compliance doesn't always appear simple, and because of this, we have compiled a number of free guides to make understanding the legislation that little bit easier.



Contractor guide to IR35 reform

Got questions about reform? Find out how the off-payroll working rules work, all about double taxation, and more

Tools for assessing and evidencing your IR35 status

From free contract templates with IR35 compliance at the forefront, to comprehensive guides to help you understand and review your IR35 status, these tools and guides will help you really get to grips with the IR35 legislation and how your status is determined.

Be prepared for an IR35 enquiry

Should HMRC ever open an IR35 enquiry into your accounts, below is a real example of what that letter may look like. If you hold a tax policy with Qdos, you should contact the claims department straight away upon receiving the letter.

Below you'll find resources that will help you prepare for a potential enquiry from HMRC. Find out what a letter might look like, how to handle an enquiry, and discover your potential risk. With Qdos IR35 insurances however, our experts will guide you from day one.

Professional working at desk

Got questions for HMRC?

Download our list of all the HMRC helpline details that are relevant to contractors and get some answers.
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