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IR35 Resources

Downloadable Guides

At Qdos, we understand the confusion and misperceptions that surround IR35 compliance, and because of this, we have compiled a number of free guides to make understanding the legislation that little bit easier.

 IR35 Guide


Confirmation of Arrangements & Working Practices Review Documents

Although HMRC will look at the written contract first, the actual working practices carry more weight as they truly reflect the way your limited company provides services to the end client.

We are able to provide a Working Practices Review with recommendations for £49 +VAT. Please complete the questionnaire below and email to

A Confirmation of Working Arrangements document seeks to clarify the true working situation between you and your client in writing. It has been used to great effect in previous IR35 enquiries. Please send the form to us for checking before it is signed by the parties, the cost of this service is £30 +VAT.​


Additional Guides & Examples

Should HMRC ever open an IR35 enquiry into your accounts, below is a real example of what that letter may look like. If you hold a tax policy with Qdos, you should contact the claims department straight away upon receiving the letter.

We have also provided example contract clauses for the key IR35 tests; Right of Substitution, Control and Mutuality of Obligation, a jargon buster to help you decipher IR35 talk and helpful HMRC helplines for your information.




Business Templates

Below are two example IR35 compliant contracts, please forward to a member of the team for checking prior to use. We have also provided you with an example business plan and cashflow.

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