Who we cover

Whether you provide services via a limited company, partnership, or as a sole trader - we have insurance cover for hundreds of trades.

All Trades Covered

We insure over 1,500 trades. View the list below to view all the trades we cover. If you can't find your trade or are unsure on which to choose, please get in touch with a member of the team on 0116 269 0999 who will be able to assist.

Account Executive
Account Officer
Accounting Systems Analyst
Accounts Admin
Accounts Assitant
Accounts Manager
Accredited File Reviewer
Acoustic Consultant
Acoustic Consultant
Acoustic Engineers
Acrylic Nail Sculpting
Acrylic Nails
Administration (Office Based)
Administration (Offshore/Site)
Administrative Accountant
Administrative Accountant
Administrator (Office Based)
Administrator (Offshore/Site)
Advanced Nail Art
Advanced Nail Course
Advanced Nail Technician
Advanced Reiki
Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy
Advanced Sports Therapy
Advertising & Marketing Consultant
Advertising (Office Based)
Advertising (Offshore/Site)
Advertising Consultancy
Aerial & Satellite Dish Erectors
Aeronautical Engineer
Agricultural Engineer
Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic
Air Conditioning Consultant
Air Conditioning Engineers
Air Pollution Analyst
Alarm Installers
Alexander Technique
Allergy Testing
Allergy Therapy
Alternative transport officer
Analyst - Energy (Office Based)
Analyst - Energy (Offshore/Site)
Angel Tarot
Angel Therapy
Angelic Reiki
Animal Therapy
App Developer
Aqua Detox Therapy
Area controller
Art Therapy
Artistic Painters Sculptors or Potters (Ex metal & woodworking)
Assemblage Point Shifting
Asset engineer
Asset Integrity Engineer
Asset Management
Assistant Engineer
Audio-visual installer
Auricular Therapy (Non-invasive, without needles)
Autogenic Therapy
Automotive Engineer
Awning Erectors
Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
Baby Massage
Baby Massage & Indian Head Massage
Baby Yoga
Bach Remedies
Back Massage
Balinese Massage
Ballast Control
Banking Consultant
Barge Engineer
Barge Master
Barge Superintendent
Base Manager
Bates method of vision improvement
Bathroom Installers
Beauty Therapy
Behaviour Therapy
Bi Aura
Bicom & Bioresonance
Billing Analyst
Bio Kinetics
Bio Magnetic Therapy
Bio microcurrent
Biodynamic Massage
Biomass Energy Consultant (Office Based)
Biomass Energy Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Blade Technician (wind energy)
Body Harmony
Body Massage
Body Stress Release
Body Wrap
Bolting Technical
Brain Wave Optimization
Brake mechanic
Brand and design consultancy
Brand Consultants
Brand Manager
Breath Therapy
Breathing Therapy / Breathing Massage
Broadband Installers
Broadcasting Engineer
Builders - New house building up to 10 metres
Builders - Work on private dwellings up to 10 metres
Building Engineer
Building Service Engineer
Building Services Engineering
Building Work-Dwellings, Shops, Offices, Hotels, Public Houses
Business & IT Consultant
Business Analyst
Business Coach
Business Consultant
Business Continuity Management Consultant
Business Development
Business IT Systems Analyst
Business Mentor
Business Process Analyst
Business Project Manager
Business Turnaround Consultant
Business, Management or Training Consultant
Cable jointer
Cabling Engineer
CAD Designer (Offshore/Site)
CAD Engineer
CAD/CAE Engineers
CAD/CAM Engineer
CAD/CAM Technician
Cake Making & Decorating
Calibration Engineer
Car Valeters
Career Consultancy
Careers Advisory Service
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet fitters
Cartography Consultant
Catering logistics officer
CCTV Retrieval Engineer
Ceiling & Partitioning Contractors
Cell Support Engineer
Certification (Office Based)
Certification (Offshore/Site)
Change Management
Chavutti Thirumal
Chemical Cleaning/Oil Flushing
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Chi Kung
Chief engineer
Chimney Sweeps - Domestic
Circuit Engineer
Civil and structural engineering associate
Civil Engineer
Civil engineer
Civil engineering draftsperson
Civil engineering technician assistant
Civil engineering technologist
Civil Works
Clerk Of Works
Client Inspector
Client Representative
Client Representative
Clinical Biochemists
Clinical Birthing Hypnosis
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Closed circuit TV CCTV operator
CNC Machinist
Coating Engineer
Coatings Inspector
Cognitive Therapy
Coiled Tubing
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Colour Breathing
Colour Therapy
Commercial Manager
Commercial Manager (Office Based)
Commercial Manager (Offshore/Site)
Commercial Negotiator
Commercial Negotiator (Office Based)
Commercial Negotiator (Offshore/Site)
Commissioning Manager
Commissioning/Pre-Commissioning Engineer
Commissioning/Pre-Commissioning Engineer (Office Based)
Commissioning/Pre-Commissioning Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Communication Engineer
Communications and control systems engineer
Communications Consultant
Communications Engineer
Communications Engineer (Office Based)
Communications Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Company Development & Planning
Company Registrar
Company registration
Company Search Agent
Complaints Handler
Complaints Officer
Completions Engineer
Completions Engineer (Office Based)
Completions Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Compliance Coordinator
Compliance Inspector
Component Engineer
Computational Fluid Dynamics (Office Based)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (Offshore/Site)
Computer Analyst
Computer Cabling
Computer Consultancy
Computer Engineer
Computer Games Consultants
Computer Games Designer
Computer Graphics Consultant
Computer Programmer
Computer Software Developer
Condition Monitoring
Configuration Engineer
Conservatory & Porch Erectors
Construction Engineer
Construction Engineer - Subsea
Construction Engineer - Topsides
Construction Inspector
Construction plant repairer
Construction workers
Content Management
Content Manager
Content Strategists
Contract Manager
Contract Manager (Office Based)
Contract Manager (Offshore/Site)
Contract Supervisor
Contracts Administration
Contracts Engineer
Contracts Engineer (Office Based)
Contracts Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Contracts Manager
Control Room Operations
Control System Engineer
Controls Engineer
Controls Engineer - Subsea
Controls Engineer (Office Based)
Controls Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Controls Technician (Office Based)
Controls Technician (Offshore/Site)
Cooking Services
Corporate social responsibility consultancy
Corporate Trainer
Corporate video producing
Corrosion Engineer
Corrosion Engineer (Office Based)
Corrosion Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Cost Consultant
Cost Controller
Cost Engineer
Cost Engineer (Office Based)
Cost Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Cost Reduction Engineer
Crane Operator
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Creative Writing
Creativity consultancy
Credit Controller
Crew manager
CRM Systems
Crystal Healing
Crystal Therapy
Crystal Wand Healing Facial
Cure Therapy
Curtain & Blind Fitters
Curtain and blind installers
Customer Service Administrator
Customer service attendant
Customer service consultancy
Dance Movement Therapy
Dance Therapy
Daoyin Tao
Data Administrator
Data Analyst
Data Analyst Consultant
Data Architect
Data Coordinator
Data Manager (Bioscience/Medical)
Data Manager (IT)
Data Manager (Office Based)
Data Manager (Offshore/Site)
Data Processor
Data Processor (Office Based)
Data Processor (Offshore/Site)
Data Protection Officer
Data Recovery
Data Recovery Consultant
Database Administration
Database Consultants
Database Migration
Deck Officer
Decommissioning Engineer
Decommissioning Engineer (Office Based)
Decommissioning Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Deep Draining-Psycho-Postural Treatment
Deep Tissue Massage
Delivery Engineer
Depot manager
Design (Office Based)
Design (Offshore/Site)
Design Engineer
Design Engineer
Design Safety Engineer
Desktop Publisher
Devalight in Heals
Developer - Database
Developer - Software
Developer - Web
Development Engineer
Diamond Light Healing
Diet and Nutrition
Digital Animator
Digital Communications Professional
Digital Content Manager
Digital Media Manager
Digital Media Producer
Digital Media Supervisor
Dip System
Directional Driller
Disaster Recovery Consultant
Dive Operations (surface only)
Document Control
Document Control (Office Based)
Document Control (Offshore/Site)
Domestic Electrical Appliances Servicers
Double Glazing Installers
Dowsing for Stress Release
Drain Cleaners
Drainage Engineer
Drama Therapy
Draughtsman (Office Based)
Draughtsman (Offshore/Site)
Dream Analysis
Dressmakers, Tailors or Curtain Makers
Drilling Fluids Engineer
Drilling Fluids Engineer (Office Based)
Drilling Fluids Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Drilling Manager
Drilling/Well Engineer
Drilling/Well Engineer (Office Based)
Drilling/Well Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Drive Laying
Dry Lining Contractors
Dry Stone Walling
Ductwork Installers
Duty officer
Eastern Facial Massage
E-Commerce Stylist
Education Advisory Service
Education Consultant
Educational Kinesiology
Electrical Designer
Electrical engineer
Electrical and Instrument Designer (Office Based)
Electrical and Instrument Designer (Offshore/Site)
Electrical Appliance Servicing
Electrical Contractor
Electrical Design Engineer
Electrical Design Engineer (Office Based)
Electrical Design Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer (Office Based)
Electrical Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Electrical Engineering Consultancy
Electrical Inspector
Electrical linesperson
Electrical Technician
Electro Crystal Therapy / Electro Gem Therapy
Electrolysis technician
Electromechanical Engineer
Electronic Engineer
Electronic Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Electronics and communications technician
Electronics engineer
EmPower Therapy
EMC Engineer
Emergency Response
Emissions Engineer
Emo Trance
Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Freedom Therapy
Employment Consultant
Empowerment Coaching
Empulse electromagnetic therapy
Encounter Groups, Energy Cone Technique (ECT)
Energy Asset Management (Office Based)
Energy Asset Management (Offshore/Site)
Energy Consultant (Office Based)
Energy Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Energy Field Therapy
Energy Healing
Energy Interference Patterning
Energy Release Systems (Jin Shin) Jyutsu
Energy Sector Auditor
Energy Sector Contractor (Office Based)
Energy Sector Contractor (Offshore/Site)
Energy Sector Project Management (Office Based)
Energy Sector Project Management (Offshore/Site)
Engine Engineer
Engineering assistant
Engineering Contractor
Engineering Manager
Engineering manager
Engineering Manager (Office Based)
Engineering Manager (Offshore/Site)
Engineering technicians and draftspersons
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Consultant (Office Based)
Environmental Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Environmental engineer
Environmental scientist
Erection Engineer
Ergonomics Consultant
Estimator (Office Based)
Estimator (Offshore/Site)
Executive Management
Exhibition Designer
Exhibition Stand Erector
Expeditor (Office Based)
Expeditor (Offshore/Site)
Exploration Manager (Office Based)
Exploration Manager (Offshore/Site)
Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
Eyelash and Brow Tinting
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Lifting
Eyelash Perming
Eyelash Tinting/Extensions/Eyebrow Shaping
Fabrication Coordinator (Office Based)
Fabrication Coordinator (Offshore/Site)
Fabrication Engineer
Fabrication Engineer (Office Based)
Fabrication Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Facial Threading
Facilities Engineer
Facilities Engineer (Office Based)
Facilities Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Facilities management officer
Facilities Manager (Office Based)
Facilities Manager (Offshore/Site)
Faith Healing
Fashion Consultancy
Fatigue Engineer
Fatigue Engineer (Office Based)
Fatigue Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Fencing Contractors
Feng Shui
Feng Shui Consultants
Field Engineer
Field Engineer (Office Based)
Field Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Film- editor
Finance Administrator
Finance Manager
Financial Analyst
Financial Auditor
Financial Contractor
Financial Controller
Financial Operations Manager
Financial Planning Management
Financial Project Manager
Finanical Accountant
Fire officer
Fireplace Installation
Fisheries Consultancy
Fitted Furniture Installers
Fitted Kitchen Installer
Fitter and turner
Flexible Flowlines / Risers Engineer
Flooring Contractors
Flotation Tank Therapy
Flower Arranger
Flower Essence
Flower Remedies
Focussing Therapy
Food Industry Consultant
Food, Safety & Hygiene Consultant
Forecourt Technician
Forensic Accountant
Forensic Engineer
Forensic Practitioners
Forestry and Conservation Consultant
Forestry Consultant
FPGA Engineer
Freight Agent
Freight Forwarder
Freight liaison officer
Fuel Cell Energy Consultant (Office Based)
Fuel Cell Energy Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Fuel Systems Engineer
Functional Safety Engineer
Furniture Assembly and Repair
Future Life Progression
Future Life Progression (Anne Jirsch Training)
Garage & Shed Erectors (Domestic)
Garage Door and Gate Fitters
Gardeners - including Lawn Services
Gas Fitters
Gas Turbine Engineer (Office Based)
Gas Turbine Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Gas Turbine Technician
Gem Remedies
Geocomputing (Office Based)
Geocomputing (Offshore/Site)
Geologist - Exploration (Office Based)
Geologist - Exploration (Offshore/Site)
Geologist - Operations (Office Based)
Geologist - Operations (Offshore/Site)
Geologist - Production (Office Based)
Geologist - Production (Offshore/Site)
Geomatics Engineer
Geomatics Engineer (Office Based)
Geomatics Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Geopathic Stress
Geophysical Data Acquisition (Office Based)
Geophysical Data Acquisition (Offshore/Site)
Geophysical data Processing (Office Based)
Geophysical data Processing (Offshore/Site)
Geophysical Specialist (Office Based)
Geophysical Specialist (Offshore/Site)
Geoscience (Office Based)
Geoscience (Offshore/Site)
Geostatistician (Office Based)
Geostatistician (Offshore/Site)
Geotechnical Engineer
Geotechnical engineer
Geotechnical Engineer (Office Based)
Geotechnical Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Geothermal Energy Consultant (Office Based)
Geothermal Energy Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Gong Baths
Graphic Designer
Grave Digger
Guttering & Fascia Board Installation
Hair Removal
Hand Massage
Handwriting Expert
Happiness Therapy
Hardware Consultant
Hardware Engineer
Hazardous Area Engineer
Healing Dowsing
Health & Personal Development
Health & Safety Consultant
Health and Safety Adviser
Health and Safety Consultant
Health and Safety Manager
Health and Safety Manager (Office Based)
Health and Safety Manager (Offshore/Site)
Health and Safety Supervisor
Hearing Therapy
Heating & Ventilation Engineers
Heating and Ventillation Engineer (Non-Manual)
Heating and Ventillation Engineer (Office Based)
Heating and Ventillation Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Heavy Equipment Operator
Helideck Equipment Operator
Helideck Landing Officer
Herbal Medicine
HGV Drivers
Higher Education Consultant
Holistic Education Therapy
Holistic Massage
Holistic Stress Management
Holographic Re-patterning
Home Tutor
Hopi Ear Candling
Horticulture Consultant
Hot & Cold Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stones
Hotel & Catering Consultant
HR Consultant
HSE Administration (Office Based)
HSE Administration (Offshore/Site)
HSE Consultant (Office Based)
HSE Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Human Resources
Human Resources Consultant
Human resources HR officer
Human Resources Manager
HVAC (Offshore/Site)
Hydraulic and Pnuematic Engineer (Office Based)
Hydraulic and Pnuematic Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Hydraulic Technician (Office Based)
Hydraulic Technician (Offshore/Site)
Hyperton-X Kinesiology
ICT manager and ICT project manager
Image Consultancy
Image Consultant
Implementation Engineer
Implementation Engineer (Office Based)
Implementation Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Indian Face Massage
Indian Head Massage
Indian Threading
Industrial Consultant
Industrial relations workplace relations officer
Infrastructure System Analyst
Inspection - Coatings
Inspection - Corrosion
Inspection - Lifting Equipment
Inspection - plant
Inspection - Quality
Inspection - Subsea
Inspection - Topsides
Inspection - Welding
Inspection Engineer
Inspector Of Works
Installation Engineer
Installation Engineer (Office Based)
Installation Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Instructor / Trainer (Offshore/Site)
Instrument and control engineer
Instrument and control engineer (Office Based)
Instrument commissioning Technician
Instrument commissioning Technician (Office Based)
Instrument control engineer
Instrument Design Consultant
Instrument Design Engineer
Instrument Engineer
Instrument Engineer (Office Based)
Instrument Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Instrument Technician
Instrument Technician
Instrumentation Engineer
Insulation Engineer
Insulation Engineer (Office Based)
Insulation Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Insultaion Technician (Office Based)
insultaion Technician (Offshore/Site)
Integrated Energy Therapy
Integrative Medicine
Integrity Engineer
Integrity Engineer (Office Based)
Integrity Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Interface Engineer
Interim Management
Internal Audit (Office Based)
Internal Audit (Offshore/Site)
Internet Consultant
Inventory clerk
Investigations officer
Ironing Services & Home Laundry Services
IT Analyst
IT Analyst Programmer
IT Architecture
IT Auditor
IT Cabling
IT Change Manager
IT Consultant
IT Contract Manager
IT Contractor
IT Defect Manager
IT Developer
IT Development Management
IT Engineer
IT Forensics
IT Forensics
IT Hardware Assembly
IT Hardware Design
IT Hardware Maintenance & Repair
IT Interim Manager
IT Maintenance
IT Manager
IT Network Engineer
IT Process Improvement Consultant
IT Procurement
IT Procurement Consultant
IT Product Management
IT Programmer
IT Project Manager
IT Project Support
IT Quality Management
IT Resource Manager
IT Security Consultant
IT Service Desk Manager
IT Systems Analyst
IT Systems Consultant
IT Technical Architect
IT Technical Author
IT Technical Consultant
IT Technical Consultant
IT Technical Director
IT Test Consultant
IT Trainer
IT Training Consultant
Japanese Hand Massage
Java Developer
Jikiden Reiki
Joiner (Offshore/Site)
Kalari Foot Massage
Kerb and Paving Layers
Kinesis Myofascial Integration
Kinetic Energy
Kitchen Installers & Fitters
Laboratory Technicians
Landscape gardening
Language Consultant
LaStone Therapy
Laughter Therapy
Lava Shell Massage
Learning and development officer
Licensing consultancy
Life Coach
Life Coaching
Lifestyle Consultant
Lift Engineer
Lift Engineer (Office Based)
Lift Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Lifting Consultant (Office Based)
Lifting Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Light Touch Therapy
Lighting Consultants
Lighting installation
Lightning Process practitioners
Linguistic Consultant
Loads Engineer
Loft conversion
Loft insulation
Logistics Consultant
Love Heals! Teacher training
LV Design Engineer
Lymph Drainage Massage
Magnet Therapy
Mahayana Chi
Maintenance Engineer
Maintenance engineer
Maintenance Engineer (Office Based)
Maintenance Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Maintenance Manager (Office Based)
Maintenance Manager (Offshore/Site)
Maintenance Technician
Make Up
Management Accountant
Management Consultant
Management consultant (Office Based)
Management consultant (Offshore/Site)
Manicure and Pedicure
Manipulative Therapy
Manual Lymph Drainage Category 1 & 2
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer (Office Based)
Manufacturing Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Manufacturing Planning Engineer
Manufacturing Technician
Manufacturing/Fabrication Engineer
Manufacturing/Fabrication Engineer (Office Based)
Manufacturing/Fabrication Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Marine Cargo Inspector
Marine Consultant (Office Based)
Marine Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Marine Co-Ordinator
Marine Trainer
Market Research
Market Research Consultant
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Data Supplier
Marketing officer
Massage (including deep tissue)
Material Controller
Materials Engineer
Materials Engineer (Office Based)
Materials Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineer
Mechanical Engineer (Office Based)
Mechanical Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Mechanical signaller
Mechanical Technician
Mechanical trades
Media / Creative Project Manager
Media and Creative Consultant
Media consultancy
Media Consultants
Mediation guidance
Meditation & Mind Instruction
Meditation & Psychic Awareness
Meridian Energy Techniques
Metal Engineer
Metal Engineer (Office Based)
Metal Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Metal fabrication trades
Metamorphic Technique
Metaporphic Technique
Metering Engineer (Office Based)
Metering Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Metering Technician
Metrology Engineer
Mickel Therapy
Ministers, Officients, Intuitives and Mediums
Monumental Mason
Mud Engineer (Office Based)
Mud Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Multi Media Consaultant
Multi-Media Communications Specialist
Multimedia Consultant
Multimedia specialist
Music -Composers, Consultants, Supervisor
Music Mastering
Music Teachers
Music Therapy
Myofascial Release
Nail Stamping
Naturopathy (Live blood analysis Class 3)
NDT Engineer
NDT Engineer (Office Based)
NDT Engineer (Offshore/Site)
NDT Inspector
NDT Technician
NDT/Inspection (Office Based)
NDT/Inspection (Offshore/Site)
Network Communication Consultant
Network controller
Network Engineer (Office Based)
Network Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Network Support Consultant
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Noise & Vibration Consultant
Noise Engineer (Office Based)
Noise Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Non-Destructive Inspection (Office Based)
Non-Destructive Inspection (Offshore/Site)
Non-Destructive Testing (Office Based)
Non-Destructive Testing (Offshore/Site)
Non-Practising Accountant
Non-Practising Accountant - Financial
Non-Practising Accountant - Management
Non-Practising Accountant - Tax
Nutrition Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Ocean Engineer
Office Equipment Installers & Repairers
Office Fitters
Office fitting and refurbishment
Office Manager
Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)
Ofsted Inspection
On-site chair massage
Operational engineer
Operations and service delivery staff
Operations Engineer
Operations Management Analyst
Operations Manager
Operations Manager (Office Based)
Operations Manager (Offshore/Site)
Optimization Engineer (Office Based)
Optimization Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Oracle Tarot
Ornamental metal workers
Outsourcing Management Consultant
Package Engineer
Package Engineer (Office Based)
Package Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Paint Consultancy
Paint Engineer
Paint Engineer (Office Based)
Paint Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Paint Inspector
Painters & Decorators (Excluding Heat)
Painters & Decorators (Including Heat)
Painting and decorating
Panel beater
Partition Contractors
Past Life Regression Therapy
Path, Patio & Drive Laying
Paving and drive laying
Pay per click consultancy
Payroll officer
PC/Network Support Consultant
PC/Network Support Consultants
Pebble Dashers
Personal Assistant/Secretary
Personnel Logistics (Office Based)
Personnel Logistics (Offshore/Site)
Petrochemical Engineer
Petroleum Engineer (Office Based)
Petroleum Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Pharmaceutical Consultants
Photon Light
Photon Light Therapy
Photonics Engineer
Picture Editor
Picture framing
Pigging Engineer
Pilates (including Gyrotonics)
Pipe laying
Pipe Line Consultant
Pipe Stress Engineer (Office Based)
Pipe Stress Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Pipeline Engineer (Office Based)
Pipeline Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Piping Design (Office Based)
Piping Design (Offshore/Site)
Piping Engineer
Piping Engineer
Piping Technician
Planning (Office Based)
Planning (Offshore/Site)
Planning / Scheduling Engineer
Planning / Scheduling Engineer (office Based)
Planning / Scheduling Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Planning Administrator (Office Based)
Planning Administrator (Offshore/Site)
Plant and Platform Designer
Plant Engineer
Plant Inspector
Plant Operator
Plant Operator
Plastering, rendering and screeding
Plastics Consultant
Plumbing and Heating
Polarity Therapy
Post Production Support Engineer
PPI Claims Handler
PR Consultant
Precision Engineer
Pregnancy Massage
Pressure Testing Technician (Office Based)
Pressure Testing Technician (Offshore/Site)
Pressure Vessels Engineer (Office Based)
Pressure Vessels Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (Office Based)
Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (Offshore/Site)
Private Investigator
Private Tutors
Procurement (Office Based)
Procurement (Offshore/Site)
Procurement Consultant
Procurement Consultant (Office Based)
Procurement Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Production Assistants
Production Engineer
Production Engineer (Office Based)
Production Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Production Manager (Office Based)
Production Manager (Offshore/Site)
Production Managers
Production Operator (Office Based)
Production Operator (Offshore/Site)
Production Technician (Office Based)
Production Technician (Offshore/Site)
Program Controllers
Programme Manager
Project Controller (Office Based)
Project Controller (Offshore/Site)
Project Engineer
Project Engineer (Office Based)
Project Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Project Manager
Project manager
Project planner
Promotional Literature
Property Manager
Proposals Engineer (Office Based)
Proposals Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation PNF
Protection engineer
Psychic Reading
Public Affairs Consultant
Public Relations Consultant
Publicity Management
Pulsing, Quantum-Touch
Pumps Engine
Purchase / Supply Consultant
Purchasing Consultant
Purchasing officer
QA Engineer (Office Based)
QA Engineer (Offshore/Site)
QA/QC Engineer (Office Based)
QA/QC Engineer (Offshore/Site)
QA/QC Manager (Office Based)
QA/QC Manager (Offshore/Site)
Qi Gong
Quality Adviser
Quality Assurance Consultant
Quality Contol Engineer (Office Based)
Quality Contol Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Quality Controller
Quality Controller (Office Based)
Quality Engineer
Quality Engineer (Office Based)
Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection (Office Based)
Quality Management
R & M Engineer
Radical Forgiveness
Radio communications technician
Radio Engineer
Radio Frequency Engineer
Radio Operator (Office Based)
Radio Operator (Offshore/Site)
RAN Engineer
Reality Therapy
Reconnective Healing
Reflex Zone Therapy
Reflexology Diploma
Refrigeration Engineer (Office-Based)
Refrigeration Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Refrigeration Engineers
Reiki Drum
Relaxation Therapy
Reliability / Condition Monitoring
Reliability Engineer
Reliability Engineer (Office Based)
Reliability Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Remedial massage
Renewable Fuels Energy Consultant (Office Based)
Renewable Fuels Energy Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Repair Engineer
Research Consultant
Reservoir Engineer (Office Based)
Reservoir Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Retail Consultant
Reverse Therapy
RF Skin Tightening
RF Tester
Rhythmical Massage Therapy
Rig Electrician
Rig Manager
Rig Mechanic
Rigging and Lifting
Risk Engineer (Office Based)
Risk Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Risk Management (Office Based)
Risk Management (Offshore/Site)
Roller Shutter Door Installation
Rolling stock engineer
Rope Access (Cleaning)
Rope Access (Confined Space)
Rope Access (Quality/Inspection)
Rope Access (Supervision)
Rope Access Contractor
Rope Access Supervision
Rope Access Technician
Rope Access/Rigging
Rostering officer
Rotating Equipment Engineer
Rotating Equipment Engineer (Office Based)
Rotating Equipment Engineer (Offshore/Site)
ROV Operations
ROV Pilot
Sacred Drumming Tutor Training
Safety Advisor (Office Based)
Safety Advisor (Offshore/Site)
Safety And Reliability Engineer
Safety Engineer
Safety Engineer (Office Based)
Safety Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Safety Officer
Safety Trainer (Office Based)
Safety Trainer (Offshore/Site)
Sales Engineer (Office Based)
Sales Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Sales promotion
Sales/Marketing Manager
SAP/CRM Consultant
Satellite & TV Installers
Scada engineer
Scenar therapy
Scheduler (Office Based)
Scheduler (Offshore/Site)
School Inspector
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Seated Acupressure
Sedimentologist (Office Based)
Sedimentologist (Offshore/Site)
Seichim Healing
Seismic Interpreter (Office Based)
Seismic Interpreter (Offshore/Site)
Service Engineer
Sewage Consultant
Shamanic Counselling
Shamanic Trance Postures
Shed building
Sheet metal worker
Shift Supervisor
Sign Writers & Erectors
Simulator Operator
Site Acquisition
Slickline (Operations)
Slickline Engineer (Office Based)
Slickline Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Social Care
Social Media Account Executive
Social Media Analyst
Social Media Assistant
Social Media Associate
Social Media Consultant
Social Media Coordinator
Social Media Designer
Social Media Editor
Social Media Executive
Social Media Manager
Social Media Marketing Coordinator
Social Media Producer
Social Media Specialist
Social Media Strategist
Software Consultant
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Software Procurement Consultant
Software Technician
Software Test Consultant
Solar Energy Consultant (Office Based)
Solar Energy Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Soul Plan Reading
Soul recapitulation
Soul Transformation Core Issue Therapy
Sound Engineers
Sound Healing
Sound mixer
Sound Therapy
Spare Parts Engineer (Office Based)
Spare Parts Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Speech Writer
Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Mediumship
Sports Massage
Spray Tan
Spray Tanning
Station manager master
Stimulation (Drilling)
Stimulation Engineer (Office Based)
Stimulation Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Stone & Monumental Masons
Storeman (Office Based)
Storeman (Offshore/Site)
Stores clerk
Strategic Consultant
Strategy (Office Based)
Strategy (Offshore/Site)
Stress Engineer (Office Based)
Stress Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Stress Management
Stress Massage
Structural Engineer
Structural engineer
Sub Editors
Subsea Design (Office Based)
Subsea Design (Offshore/Site)
Subsea Engineer
Subsea Supervisor
Substation electrician or technician
Subsurface Manager (Office Based)
Subsurface Manager (Offshore/Site)
Supply Chain (Office Based)
Supply Chain (Offshore/Site)
Support Engineer
Swedish Massage
Swimming Pool Maintenance
Systems Analyst (Office Based)
Systems Analyst (Offshore/Site)
Systems control engineer
Systems Integration (Office Based)
Systems Integration (Offshore/Site)
Tachnograph Analysis
Tai Chi (Non-Combat)
Tapas Acupressure Technicque
Tarot Consultations
Technical Assistant (Office Based)
Technical Assistant (Offshore/Site)
Technical Author
Technical Author (Engineering)
Technical Author (Office Based)
Technical Author (Offshore/Site)
Technical officer
Technical surveyor surveying technician
Technologist (Office Based)
Technologist (Offshore/Site)
Telecomms Engineer (Office Based)
Telecomms Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Telecommunications and control systems workers
Telecommunications Consultant
Telecommunications Engineer
Telecommunications Expert
Telephone Point/Extension Installation
Television Repairing
Tellington Touch
Test Engineer
Textile Consultancy
Thai Foot Massage
Thai Yoga Massage
The Form Reality Practice
The Reconnection
Thermal Auricular Candling
Thermo-Auricular Therapy
Thought Field Therapy
Thrive Practitioner
Tidal Energy Consultant (Office Based)
Tidal Energy Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Tiling Contractors
Time Line Therapy
Tourism Consultant
Traffic and Transport Engineer
Traffic Management Contractors
Train monitoring officer
Train planner
Training Consultant
Training officer
Training Provider
Transport officer
Tuning Forks for Sound Therapy
TV & Video Repairing
TV and Video Installation
Ultrasonic cavitation
Umbilicals Engineer (Office Based)
Umbilicals Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Utility Engineer
UV Gel Nail Extensions
UV Gel Polish
UV Hard Gel
Vacuum Cleaner Repairs and Servicing
Validation Engineer
Valuestream manager
Vehicle body builder
Vehicle Integration Engineer
Ventilation Engineers
Verification Engineer
Vessel Engineer (Office Based)
Vessel Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Vibrational Medicine
Vibration Engineer (Office Based)
Vibration Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Virtual Data Protection Officer
Visualisation (IT/Telecomms)
Vitamin & Mineral Therapy
Vitamin Therapy
Vortex healing
Warehouse Management (Office Based)
Warehouse Management (Offshore/Site)
Warm Bamboo Massage
Washing Machine Repairs and Servicing
Waste Engineer
Waste Management (Office Based)
Waste Management (Offshore/Site)
Water Engineer
Wax hair removal
Web Developer
Web Marketing Consultant
Website Designer
Website User Experience Consultant
weight Engineer
Welding Consultant (Office Based)
Welding Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Welding Inspector
Welding Materials Engineer
Well Supervisor
Well Testing Engineer
Well Testing Technician
Wheelie Bin Cleaner
Whole Food Therapy
Wind Energy Consultant (Office Based)
Wind Energy Consultant (Offshore/Site)
Wind Turbine Engineer
Wind Turbine Technician
Window Cleaners - Domestic
Windows Infrastructure SCCM Engineer
Wireline - operations (Offshore/Site)
Wireline - operations (Office Based)
Wireline Engineer (Office Based)
Wireline Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Witeline Technician (Office Based)
Witeline Technician (Offshore/Site)
Workpack Engineer
Workpack Engineer (Office Based)
Workpack Engineer (Offshore/Site)
Zero Balancing

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