Public Liability Insurance

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance covers you for the defence costs and, if necessary, your legal liability to a third party where you have caused, or are alleged to have caused injury or property damage in the provision of your services.

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*Based on one non-manual worker

Public and Employers Liability Insurance for the self-employed

Public Liability Insurance for contractors, freelancers, and self-employed professionals is a business insurance policy that reacts in circumstances where you have caused (or are alleged to have caused) injury to a third party or damage to third party property in the course of delivering your services, and that party brings legal action against you. The third party doesn’t have to be a client, they could be a member of the general public that seeks compensation from you.

It’s a popular policy among contractors, sole traders, and partnerships, and covers the costs of your defence as well as compensation claims where necessary.

Public Liability is a 'claims-occurring' policy which means that the policy has to be in place at the time of the incident that gave rise to the claim, as opposed to when you notify of us of a claim. For example, if you caused damage to third-party property during the policy's term but legal action wasn't brought about until after your policy ended, you would still be covered under the policy.

Qdos provides annual policies with a range of indemnity limits (levels of cover) of £1 million, £2 million, £5 million and £10 million. You can also add Employers Liability to your policy where relevant.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

Bodily Injury
Covers claims of third party bodily injury sustained as a result of your services
Legal Costs and Compensation
Up to £10million for the legal costs and compensation found owing
Property Damage
Covers claims of damage to third party property as a result of your services

Frequently Asked Questions

Public Liability Insurance will react in circumstances where a third party (an individual person, or a corporate entity) brings legal action against you in respect of physical injury, or damage to property, caused by you in the course of your business.

Public Liability Insurance covers your self employed business for the legal fees to defend your case as well as covering the resulting damages if you are legally liable (up to the limit of indemnity indicated on your policy schedule) in the event of legal action from a third party, such as a client, alleging you are responsible for causing bodily injury or damage to third party property.

Policy Excess
Public Liability: £500 Each and every occurrence* 
Employers Liability: NIL

Office-based professionals have the option to remove the policy excess of this policy for £10 + IPT during the application.

*Please note the excess is £1000 for losses that stem from the use of any oxy-acetylene or electric welding or cutting/grinding equipment or blow lamps or blow torches and/or arising out of the ownership possession or use of asphalt bitumen pitch or tar heaters.

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Public Liability Insurance is commonly held by most self employed businesses, whether they are a limited company, freelancer or sole trader. Given the nature of their activities, those operating in manual roles such as electricians or rope access contractors will be at a higher risk of Public Liability Insurance claims, however office roles may hold some exposure, particularly if you visit client sites or come into contact with members of the public.

Limited company contractors may find that Public Liability is stipulated as a requirement of the contract. In these instances, whilst public liability insurance is not compulsory by law, you could be in breach of your contract by not holding a suitable policy.

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Employers Liability is not a legal requirement if you are a limited company, you are the only employee and you own at least 50% of the issued share capital of the company. For sole traders, Employers Liability is not a legal requirement if your only employees are close family members such as a spouse or civil partner.

If the above applies and therefore you do not need employers liability insurance but have been required to hold 'Public and Employers Liability' by the terms of your contract, please check the requirements with your client before purchasing.

The level of cover you need will largely depend on the type of work that you do - those carrying out extensive manual work will be at higher risk of causing damage or injury than those providing non-manual services in an office environment.

You should however also check with your client or contractual agreement should there be a requirement for you to hold the insurance, to ensure you hold an appropriate level of cover.

Qdos provide public liability insurance cover with limits of £1 million, £2 million, £5 million and £10 million.

The cost of public liability insurance for self employed professionals will depend on a few factors including what you do, the level of risk associated with your trade, as well as how many people you employ.

Qdos public liability insurance starts at £4.58 per month or £55 per year. Use the quote engine above to get an instant quote. We don't require your contact details to offer you a quote, simply enter your company type, trade, number of people for cover, and estimated annual revenue for a quote within seconds.

Both public liability and products liability policies will react in the event of legal action being made against you in respect of third party injury or damage to third party property, however the cause of the loss is where the difference lies.

Public liability insurance will react in circumstances where legal action is taken in relation to third party injury or property damage occurring in the provision of your services.

Products liability insurance will react in circumstances where legal action is taken in relation to third party injury or property damage occurring due to products sold or supplied by you.

For example, smashing a client's window with a ladder could give rise to a public liability claim, whilst selling a customer a faulty electrical item which subsequently electrocutes them could give rise to a products liability claim.

Products liability is included within Qdos public liability insurance policies.

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