Protecting self employed income from accident and illness

15th November 2022
Written by Alice Hickling

As a self employed worker, what happens if you are unable to provide your services? There are provisions you can put in place to protect your income

There are many great things about being your own boss, but what happens if you are unable to provide your services? When it comes to being out-of-action, the self-employed may find their income drying up. Meaning an inability to provide services could swiftly turn into an empty wage packet at the end of the month.

So, what measures can the self-employed take to protect themselves?

Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents happen. For contractors, freelancers, and sole traders, the inability to provide services could cause an immediate impact on income.

Whilst it is true that workers providing manual services, for example within the construction or offshore energy industries, may be at higher risk of an accident in the workplace, that doesn’t mean that non-manual jobs are entirely free from the risk of physical injury. Because of this, those in manual and non-manual industries alike may want to consider purchasing Personal Accident Insurance.

All about the policy

Personal Accident Insurance provides you with a lump sum benefit should you suffer an injury as the result of an accident, ensuring your income is protected during difficult times.

Specific coverage information:


  • Personal Accident cover ranges from £50 to £50,000
  • Commonly covered injuries include fractures, burns, loss of a finger and complete immobility of shoulder
  • Full details and additional injuries covered can be found on our table of benefits.

There will be some circumstances in which death or injury are uninsured, whilst this is not an exhaustive list, some examples include:


  • Claims contributed to by the insured persons participation in criminal activity
  • The Insured Person being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • An accident occurring outside the United Kingdom, European Economic Area, United States of American, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
  • Participation in hazardous activities such as competitive motor sports, any underwater activity at depths greater than 10m and extreme sports

A full account of all policy coverage, including exclusions and conditions can be found within the policy wording.

Contractor Sickness Cover

As a contractor, being unable to provide your services as a result of an accident, sickness or injury can have an instant detrimental effect on your ability to continue to run your business. Should you be unfortunate enough to be in that position, the last thing you want to worry about is your source of income.

All about the policy

Specifically designed for contractors, Contractor Sickness Cover provides a monthly benefit in the event that the Insured Person suffers a sickness, disease, or bodily injury that a doctor asserts prevents them from providing their services.

Specific coverage information:


  • In the event of the accidental death of the Insured Person, their estate will receive a lump sum of £25,000.
  • In the event a medical condition prevents the Insured Person from carrying out their occupation, the policy will provide a monthly benefit; benefit options range from £1,000-£5,000 a month. This benefit will be paid until the insured person is in a position to provide their services, or 12 months benefit have been paid.

It’s important to note that some circumstances will not be eligible for cover, whilst this is not an exhaustive list, some examples include any disease, sickness, bodily injury, or accidental death as a result of the following:


  • Any pre-existing condition
  • Any elective surgical procedure
  • Any injuries occurring due to the Insured Person committing a criminal act

Full details of these and other policy exclusions can be found in the policy wording.

With cover for Personal Accident Insurance starting at just £4.68 per month and Contractor Sickness Cover from £26.31 per month, these policies could prove invaluable lifelines when you need them most. Why not get in contact with a member of our expert team today to discuss your options.

Alice Hickling
Written by
Alice Hickling
Part of the Qdos marketing team, Alice Hickling is our chief Copywriter. She has worked in the contracting industry for over 4 years with bonus experience as an IR35 Status Consultant. She gets a kick out of the written word but is also responsible for singlehandedly keeping the plants of the Qdos office alive. A role she does not take lightly.

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