Lorien Case Study

We partnered with tech recruitment specialist, Lorien, to help ensure their clients were ready for IR35 reform.

Here's how our partnership with Lorien helped their clients

Offering a range of bespoke MSP and contingent workforce solutions, Lorien is one of the UK’s best known recruitment companies, placing thousands of contractors working in IT and technology roles at any given time.

Since forming this partnership, Lorien and Qdos have collaborated to help a number of global businesses successfully prepare for IR35 reform in the private sector, which was enforced on 6th April 2021, offering hiring organisations a comprehensive end-to-end solution to reform. The facility has helped businesses compliantly manage changes to the off-payroll working rules by providing a range of market leading IR35 services – from IR35 audits to experts IR35 status assessments and insurance.

Through a combination of IR35 training, consultancy, IR35 contract reviews and insurance, Lorien’s clients have been well placed to accurately determine the IR35 status of the contractors they engage, minimise disruption and manage the risks posed by the reform.

Our IR35 Audit and optimise programme: The process

  • Discovery: Discovery and data gathering allows for full visibility of contractor workforce

  • Analysis: An in-depth analysis of role descriptions

  • Support: Keeping suppliers, contractors and hiring managers informed throughout

  • Audit: A thorough IR35 audit detailing recommendations for hiring managers and considerations for process changes

  • Assessments: Individual contractor determinations backed by liability insurance

  • Contract Reviews: Review of supply chain contracts and managed service agreements

Through adding Qdos to Lorien’s expertise in project management and contingent workforce models, we are able to offer an all-in-one solution to clients that ensures maximum compliance in addition to competitive advantage.

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Case Study 1: Global energy trading organisation recognises value of flexible workforce

The Challenge

With a contractor heavy workforce in the UK, a global energy trading organisation was at maximum risk of the upcoming change to IR35 legislation.

In addition to mitigating the risk of the IR35 reform, it was essential that the changes were managed smoothly, effectively and before the introduction of the original implementation date of 6th April 2020.

As a company that regularly engages contractors and recognises their value, this business also understood the importance of carrying out thorough and fair IR35 status determinations – not only to ensure their own compliance but also to allow genuine contractors to operate outside the scope of IR35.


The Solution

The company sought the assistance of Lorien as their key recruitment partner. The company then informed all other agencies that Lorien and Qdos were managing the firm’s IR35 preparations and would be working closely with the various parties in the supply chain.

Lorien first identified the company’s contractor workforce, making sure they were fully  informed about the impacts of IR35 from the start. Following an in-depth audit carried out by Qdos, this IR35 specialist then conducted case-by-case IR35 assessments, with outside IR35 determinations protected by insurance.

Throughout the process, Lorien maintained constant communication, ensuring the business and the wider supply chain were clear on the processes needed to successfully manage the reform.


The outcome

  • 50+ Roles and role descriptions assessed
  • 90+ Contractors individually assessed
  • Payroll for relevant contractors
  • Robust and compliant recruitment and onboarding processes in place
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What the client said

"We chose to work with Lorien due to their professional approach, their contractor market expertise, and also due to their ability to stand up a project team swiftly. They in turn engaged their partner Qdos, a leading tax expert to help them deliver the programme.

Aside from the high standards of service, timeliness and project governance, one of the highlights was working with the project team who were hugely efficient and in constant communication with us to ensure we were up-to-date on progress, as well as being an absolute pleasure to work with despite the demands of the programme."

Case Study 2: International insurance group ensures compliance in lead up to IR35 reform

The Challenge

As IR35 reform approached, an international insurance group that relies heavily on contract workers urgently required extensive IR35 support.

With a 120-strong contractor workforce in the UK, this business needed support with its entire IR35 project. It also looked to Lorien for assistance in setting up a compliant payroll solution  for contractors who, after an independent IR35 status review, were engaged inside IR35.

Added to this, the client hoped that the project would be complete within 8 weeks, to allow themselves enough time to be fully prepared for the anticipated arrival of IR35 changes on 6th April 2020.


The Solution

Working quickly and efficiently, Lorien and Qdos carried out an extensive IR35 audit, examining the client’s existing IR35 processes, before producing a detailed report with a host
of recommendations.

After having agreed on a strategy for IR35 reform with the business and assessed all supplier and managed service provider agreements, IR35 status determinations were then carried out by Qdos. These were conducted on a case-by-case basis and by an IR35 expert, which ensured decisions were made in a compliant and fair manner.

For contracts deemed inside IR35, the appropriate payroll structure was put in place to ensure contractors had the correct tax deducted, which will be paid directly to HMRC.

The project was managed by Lorien, who made sure the business had clear visibility of the entire process, communicated plans to key stakeholders and had on demand access to IR35 expertise.


The Outcome

  • 100+ Contractors individually assessed
  • 92% Were able to continue working outside IR35
  • The business was ready in time for April 2020
  • Robust and compliant recruitment and onboarding processes in place

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What the client said

"As a company who regularly engages contractors and acknowledges the value they can bring to our organisation, we wanted to ensure our process of determining individual IR35 statuses was thorough, fair and compliant with the legislation. Engaging with Lorien and Qdos has been a detailed and effective way of individually determining our contractor population and services we may look to engage in the future.

As a result of a comprehensive audit, we have made several changes to how we engage with contractors across our business and the recommendations of Qdos have been instrumental in influencing some of those decisions. I would not hesitate to recommend the partnership to other organisations who see the value of working with contractors and look forward to working with them in the future as we focus on remaining compliant and reducing our regulatory risk."

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