New Status Review features coming Autumn 2020

04th August 2020
Written by Alice Hickling

We are currently working on a range of new features and enhancements which will be available from Autumn 2020 on Qdos Status Review.

Qdos Status Review is our complete support service for determining and managing IR35 status. Here at Qdos, we never stop trying to better our offering. A big part of what we do is focusing on making things easier and more accessible for every party in the contractual chain.

As such, Status Review is not a multiple-choice box-ticking exercise that provides no guidance. Status Review is an accessible portal that focuses on keeping things simple, keeping your contractual chain in the loop, and ensuring you stay on top of your IR35 compliance in a way that works for your business, all whilst ensuring full compliance.

So, here are just a few of the new features that will be coming to Status Review in Autumn 2020.

Read-only user access:

A huge part of making Status Review as accessible as possible is introducing our new ‘Read-only user access’ function. In short, we are enabling Status Review account owners the option to share a read-only view of any relevant contractor assessments with their agencies and/or their end clients.

This new function means that any relevant IR35 status assessments are accessible for members of the contractual chain that the account owner wishes to permit. Making this part of the process accessible means that everyone can remain updated on assessment progress.

An extra benefit of this means that it enables a speedier process. This is because it mitigates a substantial amount of unnecessary back and forth between parties, eliminating the need for checking in on assessment progress, and makes information-sharing that much easier.

Extensive library of support articles:

For when things feel complicated, we’re building a near exhaustive list of frequently asked questions when it comes to the Status Review process. Whether it is related to your account or undertaking assessments, if you or a member of your contractual chain has a question, it will soon be covered in our designated Status Review Support Centre.

IR35 is by no means straightforward. With a multitude of varying educational sources plastered across the internet, it is understandable that you or members of your contractual chain may feel a little overwhelmed by all the nuances of this complex piece of legislation. We hope that you can trust us to provide anyone, from recruiters to contractors, with the information and guidance they need to complete the IR35 assessment process. By expanding our offering of IR35 guidance materials, we hope to ensure that everyone involved in the Status Review process feels confident to do their part in determining IR35 status and remaining compliant.

Status Review is more than just an IR35 tool, your designated IR35 assessor is always available to help you throughout the process. Whether it be answering questions relating to the system or general IR35 enquiries, your IR35 assessor is there to provide you with the guidance and support you need to remain compliant. We are more than happy to field any questions that you or your contractors may have, whether it be over the phone or via email, do not be afraid to get in touch.

Enhanced user-friendly design:

Another advance in accessibility that will be coming in Autumn 2020 is our renewed focus on strengthening the user-friendliness of Status Review’s design. By making the portal easier to navigate, the entire process will run seamlessly for everyone.

By introducing some important site-wide terminology simplifications, we hope to further limit any potential confusion. By cutting down on our use of complicated jargon where possible and making our descriptive text straight to the point, we hope to provide you with a service that does not overcomplicate things and does not send you or your contractors spiralling into confusion.

Part of this process will see the introduction of a clear progress bar for contractors completing assessments. Using this progress bar, contractors will be able to see exactly how far they have to go until the assessment is completed.

We will keep you up to date with more detail surrounding the Autumn release as we progress, providing demonstrations of the new system for you and your staff in advance.

If your business is looking for a service for making robust IR35 assessments in response to the off-payroll working rules – you can find more information about Qdos Status Review here.

Alice Hickling
Written by
Alice Hickling
Part of the Qdos marketing team, Alice Hickling is our chief Copywriter. She has worked in the contracting industry for over 4 years with bonus experience as an IR35 Status Consultant. She gets a kick out of the written word but is also responsible for singlehandedly keeping the plants of the Qdos office alive. A role she does not take lightly.

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