David Cameron Backs Small Businesses

28th January 2014
Written by Qdos Contractor

“This is what the Government’s long-term plan is about – and small business is absolutely critical to that plan.”


The UK’s Prime Minister has taken to the densely populated platform of Linkedin to accentuate his support of small trades.


He constantly reiterated just how crucial Britain’s small businesses are, commending those “with the courage to strike out and start their own thing.”


David Cameron mainly drew reference to how much of an integral part of society small businesses are. During his publication, the phrase “we need you” was repeated numerous times, illustrating just how much importance the Prime Minister was placing on the entities.


He initiated his support by calling these individuals “the embodiment of British pluck and enterprise.” Contractors and small businesses alike were said to be ‘needed’ for a vast spectrum of economic issues, such as creating more private sector jobs, help Britain export more, and playing a significant part in helping to rebalance the economy away from too much debt towards private enterprise and innovation. 


It is because of these matters, Cameron furthered, that he recently spoke at the Federation of Small Business’ first Policy Conference. It also gives reason for the government to pull every lever possible to back small businesses.


Illustrating this, the primary alterations to hopefully benefit small establishments will be:


¨      Cutting National Insurance by £2,000.

¨      A review being instigated on late payments for all small businesses who struggle while invoices remain unpaid for weeks on end.

¨      ‘Beefing up’ the government’s trade body, UKTI, to help exports.

¨      Provision of thousands of start-up loans for those needing finance in order to initiate a business.

¨      Standing up to energy firms who put small businesses on roll-over contracts that cost them excessively.

¨      Promoting the smaller establishments on a global scale.

¨      Securing an exemption for many small firms from European laws.


In addition, thousands of pieces of regulation of varying degrees of formality have been considered, with a view of scrapping or amending over 3,000. This is proposed to save business over £850 million every single year, which equates to half a million pounds to be saved every single day.


Cameron concluded that in the past, the relationship shared between the government and business has been wrong, and has laid on a foundation of a “them vs us” approach.


“Not anymore,” he stated. Instead, he stated his party now adopts the view that everyone is engaged in the same endeavour. In this sense, all citizens are clearly working towards the same goal of building a more prosperous, balanced, and secure economy which, in turn, rewards more opportunities and hope in the UK.


“That is what the government’s long-term plan is about – and small business is absolutely critical to that plan.”


He finalised the speech by issuing an assurance. “We will let you get on with what you do best – enterprising, innovating and – most importantly – creating jobs which give this country the long-term security we need.”


Qdos Contractor
Written by
Qdos Contractor
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