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Employers Liability Insurance


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Employers Liability Insurance
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Employers Liability


Employers Liability reacts in the event of a compensation claim by an employee where they have suffered injury, illness, or accidental death as a result of their employment with you.

The policy is designed to protect you and your business, and ensure you can meet your obligations as an employer by insuring the costs of defending a claim from an employee, past or present, as well as the damages for which you may be found liable.​

Free IR35 Contract Assessment Included(when both Public and Employers Liability insurances are purchased only)
Documentation issued immediately for instant cover
One of the most competitive premiums on the market
Competitive rates for offshore workers, including rope access



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Enter your company type, trade, number of people for cover and estimated annual revenue into the quote engine and select the products you require for an instant online quote.

Policy documents are issued immediately following purchase and are available via your online account. Please call our UK customer service team on 0116 269 0999 or use chat with us should you need assistance with your application.

You will be asked to provide your ERN on application. You do not need this number to hand when applying, Qdos will be in touch after your application - find out more here

Public and Employers Liability Insurance


Please note that Qdos Employers Liability Insurance cannot be purchased in isolation and is only available where Qdos Public Liability Insurance is purchased. The policy documents below are therefore also for Public Liability Insurance policies.

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The applicable variant of the policy wording will display during your application for review prior to payment. Alternatively, please contact us on 0116 269 0999 for assistance.

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The Company


About Us

Why Qdos?


We offer Public and Employers Liability policies for a range of trades, including those working offshore in high risk roles such as rope access, at highly competitive premiums. Every combined policy includes a free IR35 contract assessment so you can ensure you start your contract on the right footing, and our online application takes a matter of minutes with documentation issued instantly. Unlike many other brokers, we don’t hide our premiums until you've provided your details, as we are confident that our premiums, service and product are best in the market.


Our History


Qdos began in 1988 as a tax consultancy business and has grown significantly over the past two decades, providing expert business services, products and advice. Over the years, Qdos has grown in both size and reputation as a trusted contractor insurance broker as well as an expert tax advisor. Our aim is to provide UK contractors with the assistance and service with IR35 issues they need as well as sustaining excellent quality and competitive premiums in the contractor insurance market.


Employers Liability Explained


Employers Liability Insurance FAQs

What is employers liability insurance?


Employers Liability Insurance is a business insurance policy which covers you for the defence costs and compensation claim where necessary in the event of an employee (or representative of an employee) bringing legal action against you because the employee has suffered injury, illness, or accidental death as a result of their employment with you.

All employers have a duty of care to their employees. Employers need to ensure that they take the necessary steps to protect them from harm. Should an employee suffer injury, illness or accidental death at work they may seek compensation from their employer if they feel as though these steps haven’t been taken. Employers Liability Insurance will react in these circumstances, protecting the business from the expenses incurred in the legal dispute, as well as their legal liability to their employee following its conclusion.

What does employers liability insurance cover?


Employers liability insurance covers your business in the event an employee seeks compensation for bodily injury, illness or accidental death suffered as a result of their employment with you. The coverage provided by employers liability insurance can be understood in two categories:

  • Defence costs
    Should an employee bring legal action against their employer, alleging said employer is responsible for bodily injury, illness or accidental death the employee has suffered, the Employers Liability insurance will cover the legal representation/defence costs as necessary.
  • Legal liability
    Should the outcome of this dispute be that the employer is liable for the illness, injury or accidental death, the policy will also pay the compensation owed, up to the limit of indemnity on the policy.

The statutory minimum for this cover is £5,000,000 however for the majority of trades Qdos provides cover at the industry standard £10,000,000. Please note the statutory minimum limit of £5,000,000 will apply in some circumstances (e.g. claims related to asbestos exposure or originating offshore), full details on the limit are provided in policy documentation.

A claim can be made on employers liability insurance after the policy has expired but in order for the policy to react to an incident it must have been in place at the time the incident or cause that gave rise to the claim occurred. For example, an employee exposed to asbestos may not develop symptoms of asbestos-related diseases until 50 years later. If the employer had a suitable employers liability insurance policy in place at the time the employee was exposed to asbestos, the policy would react if/when the employee claims compensation some years later.

Policy Excess


The policy excess for Qdos Employers Liability Insurance is nil.


Who needs employers liability insurance?


You may be required by law to hold employers liability insurance if you employ one or more workers - see 'Is employers liability insurance compulsory?' below for more information if this applies to you.

Often contracts however, particularly standardised agency contracts, will stipulate the policy as a contractual requirement alongside Public Liability. It may be worthwhile checking with your agency/end client the genuine requirement of the policy if this applies to you. Public Liability however, is a basic insurance for all self-employed individuals looking to insure their business.


Is employers liability insurance compulsory?


Employers Liability Insurance is compulsory under the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act if you employ one or more workers, whether they are fee earners, clerical, or otherwise.

For sole traders, Employers Liability is not a legal requirement if your only employees are close family members such as a spouse or civil partner, however this exemption does not extend to limited companies.

If you are a ‘Ltd’ Company, you are the only employee and you own at least 50% of the issued share capital of the company, you will not be legally required to hold the policy.


Why choose Qdos employers liability insurance?


Qdos Employers Liability Insurance can be added to your Public Liability policy for comprehensive liability cover.

  • Purchase is quick and easy with your documents issued immediately after purchase, with an online account to manage your policies.
  • Every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager so unlike most insurance companies, you won't be passed around a call centre.
  • Purchased with public liability insurance, limited company contractors benefit from a free IR35 Contract Assessment with their policy
  • We offer competitive rates for those operating in specialised environments such as rope access contractors and those working offshore in the energy sector


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