Plumbers' public liability insurance

24th June 2019
Written by Qdos Contractor

Most organisations and enterprises won’t hire uninsured plumbers

If you already have a plumbing business, you will know that insurance can be extremely expensive for your business. We are well aware of this and have tried to negotiate the lowest premiums possible to ensure you are covered at a fair and affordable rate while maintaining professional customer service and providing you with a personal account manager throughout your policy.



Why do I need plumbers Public Liability Insurance?


For plumbers specifically, we recommend Public Liability due to the nature of the profession. Whether you are required to have Public Liability insurance or not, legal defence costs alone can be extremely expensive. If a claim goes against you, it can be extremely costly if you make a mistake while working, but the end result can potentially bankrupt your business.


We recommend Public Liability to stop this from happening to you and your business and to protect you against claims that could potentially ruin your business. There are many scenarios where you may be liable for accidental damage, from an old pipe leaking into your customers basement to a soldering issue, sometimes mistakes can be accidental or unavoidable.



Is Public Liability Insurance required for plumbers?


There isn’t a law stating that you must have public liability cover if you are a plumber. However, most organisations and enterprises won’t hire uninsured plumbers which will limit you as a contractor. So, although having public liability cover isn’t a legal requirement, most of the time contractual agreements will make buying public liability cover compulsory.



How much does plumbers insurance cost?


The cost of plumbers insurance will depend on numerous factors, at Qdos we show our premiums before you commit to anything so put your details in our quote builder to see how much insurance will cost for you.


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Qdos provide cover for many trades throughout many industries including construction, rail, science and education. If you are working in one of these sectors it is likely you will require one of our insurance products:


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