The Christmas Day Tax Return Rush

Most people see the Christmas break as a time to wind down, celebrate and spend time with their loved ones, however it is expected that 23,000 taxpayers will see the break differently and use it as an opportunity to complete and submit their tax returns.

Last year 23,059 people used the time between Christmas eve and Boxing Day and with the HMRC helplines being extremely busy with taxpayers being put on hold for 40 minutes or in some cases being cut off, it would seem that this year will follow suit.

Why do so many taxpayers choose to spend their Christmas holiday sorting out and submitting their tax return? To allow themselves time before the deadline on 31st January? Simply because there isn’t enough time other than in the Christmas break to complete and submit their returns? To ensure that any mistakes can be corrected before the deadline and therefore not suffer hefty penalties?

By:Jane Hailstone

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