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5 Ways Contractors are better than ‘Permies’

by Gemma Cakebread | Sep 09, 2015

Every contractor goes through the discussion with themselves of whether it is better to be a contractor or permanently employed (a ‘permie’), at some point or another. There are pros and cons to both, but we’ve come up with 5 ways that contractors are better than permies.

1. Status

Contractors are immediately promoted to Directors of entire companies, albeit they might be the only one in that company, but we won’t tell anyone if you don’t. The best thing about being the Director though, is that you don’t have a boss.

2. Freedom

Not having a boss means you have the freedom to do your work how you think it should be done. You can take time off in between contracts, you can go on holiday when you wish, and you can take money from your company when you need it, and you are less involved with pesky office politics.

3. Strength

We’re not saying all contractors can lift a ten-tonne truck, but the necessary personality traits needed to run your own business, especially one as insecure as a contracting business, means that most are hardy, independent people.

4. Money

Not only do contractors have the freedom of how they take money from their business, they tend to get paid higher rates than their permanent counterparts, and can make use of tax efficiencies for businesses, giving contractors a better financial position than most permies.

5. Progression

Unlike permanent employees, whose career progression is largely stifled by their management, contractors can take the opportunity to take training and undertake contracts they are interested in, enabling them to progress their careers as and when they choose.

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